Puerto Rico

Puero Rico is cool

Things to buy and see

What food do we sell:

Virgin Margaritas in Puerto Rico. Its a spanish drink

what souvenir do we sell:

Frogs are cookie frogs which are a species of frogs that live all around the country. You cant go anywhere with out them saying ¨Cookie!¨

Major Atractions:

Castillo de san Felipe de morro is a military citadel that is open for looking. It is onb the bay of san juan

el yunque Nebional Forest is a national forest. It is north east of the country.


Viernes Santo is a religous celebration on april 18

How do we make money on the international market: Rum, Medical stuff, tuna, electronics and chemicals.

Fun facts and questions

What continents country in: United States

What US state is similar to this country: NewYork

What countries are bordering Puerto Rico: Dominican Republic

What kind of government do we have: Republic

Who is our leader?: Alejandro García Padilla is a president

What is the official language: Spanish

Other languages are English and Spanish

Major geographic feature: La cordillera central is a mountain and is in puerto rico

Climate zones

Our climate zone is the Tropics. Its near the equater and is wet, humid, and has daily rain.