GCS iPad Update

November 5, 2013

Block Adult Web Content

By now all of our iPads have been updated to the latest, i0S7, operating system. While this might be useless information to you, it was much anticipated news for most of our students.

For the first time, Apple allows you to limit or restrict your child's ability to browse the Internet. This is good news. However, before you do this, you need to first set a restriction passcode. Then, you need to make sure your son or daughter doesn't install another web browser on the iPad and circumvent the restriction.

To set a passcode, go to Settings > General > Restrictions. When you select Restrictions, you will be prompted to set a 4-digit passcode. Set a code that you can remember, but your child will not figure out.

Once a passcode is set, it will open the restriction window. Here you have many options that I've shared in the past. Click Here for more information about those options.

Under the Allowed Content section, choose Websites. You can choose to Limit Adult Content or even Limit to Only Certain Websites. The Limit Adult Content option allows you to always allow certain websites AND never allow certain websites. If you chose this option, I would encourage you to NEVER allow Ask.fm.

Obviously, the Limit to Only Certain Websites option is the most restrictive. If you decide to use this option, please let your child's teachers know so that they can communicate any sites that are needed for class.


AppCertain is a free app that helps you monitor the apps your child installs on any iDevice. AppCertain will notify you when an app is installed , and it will tell you if the app uses location services, allows in-app purchases, has any educational value, and other information.

AppCertain also offers a curfew mode. This option allows you to set a curfew which would disable certain apps at specific times.

This is an app worth checking out. Visit their website here -- AppCertain

Welcome to AppCertain

Resource for Students

I'm sharing this information with you so that if your student panics late at night you will have a place to go for help.

First, I have tried to put all of our iPad resources on a web site. This is always a good place to start. Click here to visit GCS iPad Central.

If you want or need to look at the tutorial I'm sending to students today regarding Notability, our notetaking app, and eBackpack, click here.

Look at the iPad

Please take time this week to sit down with your son or daughter and look at the camera roll on the iPad.

Christina Jontra

Director of Instructional Technology

Grace Community School

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