Room 107 says "Bring on 2016!"

January 18-22


You're invited!

  • Third Grade Program- Wednesday, February 3rd @ 8:30
  • PTF/Book Fair- Monday, February 8th
  • Book Fair- February 8th-12th


What you will see in the second semester of 3rd grade:

  1. Data Notebooks each week (Mon. or Tues. depending on Mrs. Kennedy's class) and improved components
  2. Student writing (more cursive and more of it!)
  3. Grammar Practice will begin this week. Each student has a practice book. We may not complete every activity. Additionally, students have Grammar Papers in their "ELA" section located in the binder. Students will work on these during Language Arts and/or for extra practice at home.
  • Note-taking - daily or weekly notes will be found in the Student Binder. (Hopefully clipped into the appropriate subject area). If you see these floating around, please encourage your student to put them in the correct subject area.

Speaking of Binder:

  • Some students will receive a new binder. Unfortunately, I do not have the resources to replace all of them.
  • We will be keeping notes in each subject slipped behind the tab with that subject’s label
  • This is not ALL of your student’s work.
  • Homework will be located in the back pocket of this binder. We WILL keep the green folder for Recommended Reading, Newberry, and History Hounds as students are working towards finishing those for the end of the year.
  • SOME kind of fact quiz (review or new) will be on Tuesday’s. You MAY see two fact quizzes here and there. (*We are reviewing addition/multiplication on our fact quizzes for now.)
  • Communication Folder (Monday's or Tuesdays) will be coming home with graded papers. Students have been keeping them for the most part because they have been uploading pictures of their work for a “portfolio”
  • *Note on Communication Folders- you may only see 1 time per week along with the Data Notebook.**
  • Binders, however, should be brought home and returned to school daily. Please oversee your student remove the "Keep at Home" notes daily.

Students will be coming home with information about their individual student logins (to EVERYTHING)

  1. Feel free to browse!
  2. Feel free to use this as a resource for practice at home!
  3. I will be emailing you each a link to your student's individual Grade Sheet. You may look at this however often you feel. If you see something you have questions about, send me an email @
  4. I don't "grade" everything, so don't be alarmed, but this will help should your students lose or forget to bring home papers.
  5. P.S. If you are tech savvy and need resources for practice at home, please watch for pointers on this newsletter! (Note: Electronics are a instrument to assist in teaching. Please remember these aren't the end-all-be-all! :)