January 18-22

The buzz in Room 615!

Last Week

Last week brought with it a bunch of new topics and activities. It was a good week, although we had to continue to re-learn a few rules. We are striving to become ready for first grade now, so the stakes are high! Here's an overview of what we did/learned:

Reading: The week was a little disrupted by mClass reading tests, so our reading block was not as it usually is. We did sneak a few lessons on patterns in, and learned about repeating patterns as well as question/answer patterns.

Writing: There wasn't a large emphasis on writing this week either, but we did change up our morning work routine to include more writing. Each day there is now a morning message on the Smartboard that students have to copy onto lined paper, doing their best to include the spaces between words, capitalization, and punctuation. It has definitely helped keep them focused of a morning and will hopefully help them become more familiar with writing conventions. (Thanks to Ms. Watson for that idea!)

Math: It was a bit of a tough transition, but we made the switch from addition to subtraction this week. It was a challenge for some of us to go the other way at first, but everyone is getting the hang of it! We learend two strategies to subtract so far: Using our fingers and drawing a picture/crossing out. Encourage your children to use these skills at home whenever possible!

Social Studies: Our needs and wants unit got off to a good start! It was interesting to see that most of the children really didn't understand the difference - and it may take a while for them to fully grasp what we need in order to live versus what we could actually do without if we had to. However, they were starting to pick up on it! We did a little project on Thursday where they got to sift through magazines and newspapers and then glue what they found onto a needs/wants poster. They did a great job and really enjoyed it!

Looking Forward

The Week Ahead

This week starts of pretty easy: with no school! Monday we are off in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., and Tuesday is a staff planning day, so no school for the kids. We'll start back up on Wednesday for a nice, short week!

Reading: Since last week was so broken up with reading tests, this week we will regain our focus on the types of patterns in books and learn the last few. A few more tests will be conducted during any free time we have!

Writing: In writing, we will focus a little bit more on "small moments" and practicing our writing skills. By Friday, we will be learning about effective ways to edit our work.

Math: Subtraction will continue as we learn more strategies to subtract (number lines, mental math) and keep getting that basic understanding down.

Social Studies: After learning about MLK in reading and social studies on Wednesday, we'll continue with our needs and wants unit and do a few more activities to hopefully wrap that up quickly.