UTC Oxfordshire

Week 3

Dear all,

Many thanks for your continued support as we end our third week. We continue to settle into our new school and routines are now starting to become established.

We’ve been pleased to allow students to use the main hall in breaks and it’s been pleasing to see the natural competitiveness and also the good spirits of the basketball and table tennis. Please see the photos as the bottom of the newsletter which show the progress of the Muga and the courtyard which are really starting to come together. These outside spaces will make a real difference as we grow.

We have the first of our open evenings next week and interest in these is high with large numbers of Y9 students keen to have a look at the UTC. Thank you for promoting the UTC so positively, good news certainly travels fast!

GCSE study periods:

We are continuing to review work set and how the students are using their time. Obviously a new school is a new challenge and we are starting to see students establishing good work habits. Following student feedback, we have decided that, in the Core subjects, because of the increased time in the working day there will normally be no additional set work. As a staff team, we agreed that the option subjects (those taught on a Thursday ) will set additional work to be completed in independent study time, along with their employer led project work and engineering/science vocational assignments . This does need the students to establish good working practices and be able to use their time effectively.

There are a number of opportunities to use time effectively during the day, such as before school (if arriving early), study periods and break times. Please speak with your son / daughter and find out how they are managing their time.

Forthcoming dates

Graduation NCS – 16th October – 1730 - 19.30

Parents evenings – 20th & 21st October - 1600 – 1800

Owain Johns

Principal, UTC Oxfordshire