"The Peacock and the Pig"

One day there was a peacock and a pig. The two of them weren't the best of friend. In fact they didn't like each other at all. One cold Fall Tuesday the two of them bumped into each other at the mall, both buying dresses for the Fall Rodeo on Friday. "What is that hideous thing?" Said the Peacock. "Hideous?!?!" Said the Pig. "You think you're going to win Rodeo queen with that ugly thing." The Peacock said chuckling. "My dress is custom made, I have everything planned out for when I win Rodeo queen." Said the Peacock. The Pig wanted to just cry, but she couldn't give the Peacock what she wanted she had to stay strong. A few days went by the Peacock was all talk about how she was going to win queen, and talking about the Pig. Day after day the Pig went home not feeling confident. It was the day of the Fall Rodeo and the big put on her beautiful dress and didn't feel confident in who she was. The Pigs mother walked in the room, and mothers know best so she could see that her daughter was upset. The Pig mother told the Pig "Don't pay attention to what anyone else thinks about you. You are beautiful just the way you are." The Pig thought about what her mom said for a little while, then she said to her self "I am beautiful aren't I?!?!" The pig then put on her dress and headed to the Rodeo. As she arrived she saw the Peacock . WOW, the Pig thought to herself. The Peacock came over to the Pig and said, "Wow... I can't believe you came looking like that." The Peacock said. "I won't let you get to me anymore... I'm beautiful just the way I am, you maybe beautiful or the outside but you are NOT on the inside." The Pig answered back. The Peacock didn't know what to say. Later on that night they announced the Rodeo queen, It wasn't a surprise that the Peacock won... but she didn't do what she had planned, she didn't do what everyone thought she was going to do. The Peacock walked over to the Pig and told her "I heard the words you said to me... and I realized, you don't need a crown or a sash to be a princess, you don't need the best to be the best. I just wanted to tell you, you are beautiful inside and out, you are truly a princess." The Pig was in awe. The pig realized her mother was right. "Friends?" The Pig said to the Peacock. "Friends." The Peacock said to the Pig. From that day forward the Peacock was never cocky, and the Pig and the Peacock became the best of friends.

Theme: Don't be full of yourself because it doesn't look good in the long run.