How to get better at skills

skills you might need

Appretiation in divesity

  • speaking different languages
  • various customs and traditions
  • cultural appreciation
  • Reflect on your culture and language
  • Resist peer pressure

Customer Service

Another skill you might need

  • go the extra mile
  • greet when they walk in the door
  • give the customer the benefit of the doubt.
  • do everything you can to say yes.
  • ask your customers what you could do better.

intellectual risk taking

thoughtful reflection

  • Deals with facts, what happened, with whom
  • What did I experience today?
  • What did I see
  • What did I feel
  • Feelings involved, lessons learned


  • Accept your failures – and learn from them
  • Take the risks that matter to you
  • Never stop learning
  • Don't be afraid to follow your passion toward a new career
  • Recognize that the community is as important as the individual

Conflict Management

  • Accept conflict
  • Be a calming agent.
  • Listen actively
  • Analyze the conflict.
  • Separate the person from the problem


  • Wear professional and conservative clothing
  • Ensure that clothing is clean, pressed and well-fitted
  • Wear appropriate, but comfortable shoes
  • Choose accessories that complement your clothing rather than distract from it
  • Make sure your hair is clean


  • Define what organization means for you.
  • Start with what motivates you.
  • Create an organizing playlist.
  • Create deadlines.
  • Avoid being a “weekend warrior.”

attention to detail

  • Create a detailed work plan

  • Make lists

  • Plan in advance

  • Limit distractions

  • Maintain a schedule



  • Focus on flexibility
  • Focus on dealing with several possible outcomes
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Be forward thinking
  • Ask for help