Healthy Cowboy Challenge

Improve your health and fitness at CHS!

Learn the value and keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Join our 10 week program to learn the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and to procure the benefits of functional fitness exercise. This customized program will help you to eat healthy and lose weight in a way that works naturally with your body and produces results most effectively for your situation. Meal plans, provided by your group nutritionists, will help you to increase health gains and lower many harmful parameters of health like blood pressure, chronic pain, and general inflammation. If you're willing to commit yourself to a program for 1/5 of one year in order to gain many years in life expectancy, our program is for you.

The Benefits of Exercise

At the Healthy Cowboy program design center, we understand the value of your time and will work to program your exercise routine to maximize weight loss returns on investment through high intensity exercise for shorter durations. The low intensity extended cardio that many other programs offer has been proven again and again to fail to provide the proper hormonal response within the body.The weight training we will offer is integral to preserving bone health and preventing the onset of osteoporosis in later years. And what does this program to improve quality of life cost? Nothing but dedication.

Basic Exercises included in the program

Nutrition Plan

Dietary Goals

We plan our diet to give you enough energy to support activity but not enough o support levels of body fat. The diet is definitely not too strict to follow, and focuses on moderation in intake. Another key focus is the balance of macronutrients to ensure proper hormonal levels, and avoid the type of hyperinsulinemia we see in diabetics and those with many modern health conditions.

Healthy Cowboys Challenge

We hope to see you join and enjoy the wonderful results of our program!