Adolesence Brain Development

Understanding The Long Term Effects

The Early Years of Brain Development

  • Brain development varies from individual to individual
  • Brain development from ages 3-5 is critical
  • Providing an enriched environment of music (Mozart) prior to age 5
  • Studies also show exposing child to colored objects (mobiles) prior to age 5

Why It's Important to Educators

  • So one is aware of detrimental or positive environmental influences on early brain development.
  • To be able to explain to parents how early brain development might affect their child's learning
  • Educators can have a better understanding why some students learn at different levels
  • Educators can have an understanding of how a student's environment may inhibit current learning.
  • So educators can group students so that peer tutoring can assist struggling students.

Building Blocks

Brain development is like building blocks. There has to be a foundation for more more learning to occur. Layers of information can be added once the foundation is laid.