Get Ready for Kindergarten!

Brought to you by Parkway Parents as Teachers

Kindergarten Registration for the 2022-23 school year is now open. Please follow the steps on the Parkway District website to register:

Check it Out...

This interactive Kindergarten Guide was created by Parkway Parents as Teachers’ Staff to give parents information about Kindergarten readiness. The guide includes links to age-appropriate milestones information, working through emotions and parent-child activities to increase specific skills. Included is a library with links to video books about Kindergarten. We hope you enjoy this guide and this special time in your child’s life! The link is on the PAT webpage of the Early Childhood website or Click Here

Families of a Student With an IEP...

Please register your 2022-23 Parkway kindergartener ASAP to ensure a smooth IEP transition process for kindergarten! Please follow the steps on the Parkway District website to register:
Children will have the opportunity to become familiar with the Kindergarten experience through activities that will promote the development of literacy, math, art and music abilities, as well as social and fine motor skills. Classroom and school routines will also be addressed in order to help students make a smooth transition.

Children must be 5 years old before August 1, 2022, to participate. A birth certificate is required to complete registration. Registration began on March 8, 2022. Click for more information

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Kindergarten Screening

Each elementary school conducts its own Kindergarten screening, not Parkway Early Childhood. Your elementary school will provide more information regarding its process.

Click here for Elementary Maps & Boundaries

Adventure Club

Adventure Club offers Before & After Care, holiday and Non-school Day Care for elementary school children.

Click for more information and rates