UCONNection News Letter

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

About the Department

Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the largest and fastest growing fields of engineering. It covers a wide range of applications like Television, Radio, Computers, and Telecommunication etc. Which make our life easier and enjoyable. This Department offers Regular undergraduate course. The department producing the efficient Engineers for the fast progressing Electronics Industry as well as in Communication field. The Department has excellent staffs, who are dedicated to model the best students for the industry as well as to the society. This department comes a long way with the eminent support of our management.

HOD’s Message

Department of ECE grooms the students to excel in the field of technology. Our students are trained in both software and hardware skills and basic Inputs are provided to make them self-confident to work in industry and get encouragement for higher studies & research. The Department's motto is to upgrade skills and knowledge of our young engineers to enable them to survive best in the present competitive world. State-of-art laboratories of the department provide ample opportunities to the students to complete meaningful projects apart from practice sessions of laboratory courses. The department also contributes to the society by accomplishing technical projects that caters to the various requirements of the present day world. The students are also encouraged to participate in various technical and extra-curricular events. The department has qualified and dedicated faculty members to provide good technical support to all the students.

The department of ECE has a vision to become a centre of excellence in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. All our faculty and students are dedicated to achieve this goal with full vigour, enthusiasm and good ethical values.