2015 Year Review

By: Chris Valenzuela

3 Companies that Marketed Their Products the Best

Jordan is always doing great and releasing nice shoes that always sells out. Some take a month or so to sell out and some only take seconds. They are still beating their competitor adidas by a lot.

Apple is also doing fantastic and selling great electronics to everyone. The iPhone 6s released in September and so did the Apple Watch. They make millions off people from their products.

Adidas is making a comeback with their new contractor Kanye with his shoe known as the "Yeezy". They made limited pairs and their shoes go for $800 or more. Kanye thinks Adidas is better than Nike. But in my opinion, Nike will always be better.

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2 Best Products and One of the Worst in 2015

Two of the of the best products released was the iPhone 6s and the mini-segway/hover board. The iPhone 6s was released in September and has many great features and a really beautiful phone to have. The segway was also released and many celebs began to use it followed by a lot of fans and other people. One of the worst products was the Apple watch. In my opinion, they're a bit ugly on the wrist and they are very pricey so not many people have it.

Top 2 Movies of 2015

In my opinion the top 2 movies of 2015 was "The Scorch Trials" and "Jurassic World." The movies were both basically marketed by tv channels playing their commercials. People would also want to go watch these movies because they seen the 1st part/ movie that was released before. I wanted to watch the "Scorch Trials" because the movie before that was "The Maze Runner" and basically if you watched that, you would understand and want to watch the second movie. Same with Jurassic World and Jurassic Park.

Top 2 Musical Artists of 2015

in my opinion the top 2 artists of 2015 was the Weeknd and Drake. Drake was successful with his recent album "What a Time to be Alive." The Weeknd was also successful with his album "Beauty Behind the Madness." They were both marketed through social networking sites and were posted on their personal accounts. People would see them and listen to their music when it releases.
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Top 5 Most Valuable Sneakers of 2015

List of the Top 5:

1) Yeezy Boost Pirate Black - $751

2) Air Jordan 10 "OVO"

3) Air Jordan 1 "Pinnacle Tan"

4) Asics Gel Sight Overkill Desert

5) Diadora n9000 Packer Raekwon Pruple Tape


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New Year's Resolutions

1) I want to improve in getting my government class grade up because that class is getting a bit difficult, also study more often for the tests.

2) I want to spend time with my family more because i haven't been spending time with them in 2015.

3) I want to get a job in 2016 and work really hard to help pay for college.