song describing 1984

using alcohol to subdue the masses

If there is a song to describe the pace of life for regular citizens in George ore wells “1984”, it would be Kendrick Lamar’s “swimming pools”, because of the use of alcohol to suppress intelligence and feelings. The song describes the struggle of a depressed man, and his fight with alcoholism. In “1984” the government supplies “Victory gin” this effect on people is the same but for a different reason. The main character Winston is forced to drink constantly to subdue his attitude towards big brother, along with other problems that he has with the government. The author drew inspiration for this aspect of the story through Russia and former soviet/eastern European countries. The governments of these countries during the soviet era distributed rations of very cheap, harsh vodka. The underlying motivation behind this is to kill brain cells of the people, keeping them in a constant haze so that they don’t realize the severity of their situation pertaining to a corrupt government .Big brother wants people to drink victory gin so that their minds are subdued and unaware of how their own government is betraying their trust / taking advantage of them. In Russia you could argue that this measure has been success considering, an ex KGB colonel with no political experience, has gained the presidency by campaigning around nothing but the support of their candidate; He has also devastated their economy with unprecedented levels of military spending, and government corruption. He has This blatant attempt of totalitarianism could not have occurred in any other country besides Russia, because no other country has a population as subdued by alcoholism among its citizens. This is how Putin is getting away with murder ,because his people are so stupid that they’ll believe everything that they hear.