Dragster Car

By: Camdyn King


What is speed?

- Speed is the rapidity of movement or action

What factors in the design of a car have an effect on speed?

-Aerodynamic -Weight -How smooth the wheels are -The type of surface your car is on

How does modeling and prototyping help with the development of products?

It can help in many ways, such as safety. In years prior, seat belts were the safety tool everyone thought was great. Now a days, automatic brakes and back up cameras are the must-have safety tool on your car.

What is some research you did on your car?

-I looked on the internet to see some models other people did for dragster cars made out of wood. There were a couple different designs I saw that I liked, but I had to think of models that are actually doable for me. I can't do really complected projects without it taking me a long time, so I decided on just the basic model.


What factors are important for a successful launch of your car?

-There are a couple important factors to a successful launch of your car. It has to be lightweight so it can go faster and farther. The surface you're testing on also has to be a smooth surface so your car doesn't ride on bumps and affect the speed and distance it goes. The friction between the wheels of your car and the surface it’s riding on is also important. The more friction, the slower your car goes.

What are the best features of your car?

-My car is cut low, which should make it a little more aerodynamic. I also cut off some material off the sides of my car to make it lighter.

Is there anything about your car that will negatively affect its performance?

-My car is still a little heavier than I would like it to be. I think that might affect how fast it goes.

How many mph do you think your car will go?

-I would say my car could go up to about 6-7 mph.

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Speed of my dragster

After testing my dragster, it took it 3 seconds to go from the starting point to the finish line. After entering that into the formula below I had to do a few calculations and figured out that my dragster can go 9 mph
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What turned out well?

-I liked the way my car turned out. I liked the way I constructed it and I also like how I painted my car. I used three of my favorite colors and did some splatter painting.

What did you enjoy the most?

-I loved splatter painting my car. I got to make some colors and splatter them on my car. I really like how it turned out too.

What could be better? What would you improve or do differently next time?

-I think I could have cut more materials off my car to make it more light. I think my car was a little on the heavier side, but it didn't do too bad racing. It got more than halfway to the finish line, so that’s good. I also would have put the wheels on differently. I think the wheels were a little too close to the car, which made them harder to turn.

What was your least favorite part?

- My least favorite part was planning out my car on Inventor. I’m more of a hands on person so as soon as I got to start working with the wood, I was pretty happy.

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