Tech Update - January 11, 2021

Relax, rejuvenate, and be well this New Year!

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Still Feeling Ready for Remote Learning?

Here are some resources with a special contribution from, our own Kelsey LiPuma! She gives her own in-house tips and tricks that are universally valuable to faculty. In addition, Dr. Smith has also shared with us a resource from LeaderInMe on Virtual Learning that you may find informative and helpful when planning your teaching approach - whether teaching in person with devices or remotely.

Teaching in Blended and Hybrid Models: Webinar Resources

Article: Teachers share practical tips for hybrid instruction

Author: Sylvia Saunders

Source: NYUST Communications

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Did you get the IPEVO Doc Cam?

Here is the site I made that will give you more information and tips on how to use it.
District Tech Support Site

All of our tech resources with innovator-created guides can be found here!

Tech Updates from the 2020 Archive!

Want to revisit or take time to "thumb through" the old Newsletters? Here they are all in one place!

Need Tech Assistance?

Here are some Reliable Resources:

Sherif is here Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. You may call ext. 2115 on those days if you need assistance.

Please fill out ALL of your tech requests and needs into an email:

Direct students and parents to use this as well.

Doing this really helps us support you and stay organized! Thank you.

Kate Rice

Temporarily in Room 113 this year!

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