Sharon M. Draper

Author is telling story of a girl , Melody

The author telling story of a girl, Melody that came from the author's experiences in raising a child with developmental difficulties. But Melody is not the author's daughter. Melody has intelligence, but no one knows. The author wanted Melody to be accept as a normal person not a person with disabilities.

Hi my name is.........

Hi my name is Melody and I'm eleven years old. I have photographic memory. I'm stuck in a wheel chair. I can't talk. I can't walk and I can't feed myself or take me to the bathroom. Almost everyone think I'm dumb, but actually they don't get me at all.


- Melody (Main character)

- Melody baby sister

- Melody's parents

-Mrs. V (Melody's neighbor)

-Rose(Melody's friend)


School (That Melody goes)

Melody's house

It's for people just look away, who pretend that they don't see, or who doesn't know what to say when encounter someone who faces life with difference. Just say hello