How To Paint Your Nails Perfectly

By: Jane Hostert


So you want to learn how to paint your nails perfectly? Well you clicked correctly! This will show you some of my favorite tips and techniques on the perfect mani.

Step # 1: Old Nail Polish

So lets begin! Before i start painting, I take a cotton ball and nail polish remover and remove any old nail polishes from the previous. It makes the mani look smoother and neater without that ugly old stuff underneath.

Step # 2: Cuticle Oil

I apply cuticle oil after the nail polish remover because it can really dry out your nails. Cuticle oil moisturizes your fingers and keeps them looking healthy!

Step # 3: Push Back Your Cuticles

After I use cuticle oil, I push back my cuticles. This makes your nails look longer and cleaner! Never cut your cuticles because they protect you from having bacteria enter through your nails.

Step #4: Base Coat

Apply a base coat to strengthen and protect your nails!

Step #5: Nail Painting

So Its time to start the painting! What I do, is I begin with one stroke at the base of the cuticle, and stroke to the edge of the nail. Next, I start at that same spot again, but this time curve to the outside to meet the edge of my nail. Do this again on the other side. You may need to add another coat to make it opaque once it dries.

Step #6: Nail Art

Nail art is optional, but if you choose to do so, make sure the polish dries completely before beginning your art. It is a really fun project and you can get really creative with it!

Step #7: Top Coat

After you are finished painting, apply a top coat for a polished look in your new manicure!

Step #8: Cleanup

After your nails have dried, get a q-tip dipped in polish remover and rub it against any polish that got on your skin. Now your nails are truly perfect!
I hope you enjoy!