Much Ado About Nothing

By: Cody Bettis

Benedick (Neil Patrick Harris)

I chose Neil Patrick Harris for many reasons but mainly for his similar looks to Benedick in the movie. Also I selected him because of his single life in the T.V. series How I Met Your Mother. In the series he is iconic as the bachelor that will never get married relating directly to Benedick.

Claudio (Johnny Depp)

I chose Johnny Depp to play Claudio because of their acting styles are very similar. For one Johnny Depp is an Iconic part of Pirates of The Caribbean and his outlandish style of acting. Johnny's style would fit perfectly as he is outrageous and also caring. Also the physical aspect is very close also as in the movie Claudio and Johnny look very alike.
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Hero (Olivia Wilde)

For Hero I chose to do Olivia Wilde. I decided to choose her because of her very close look alike to Hero. Secondly she is a very good actor in the dramatic parts of movies. Also her role in intense movies such as Cowboys And Aliens will help play a part in the slander scene with Claudio.
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In the first point I decided on the scene where Hero and Ursula deceive Beatrice. For one this plays a major part later on with Benedick as she does not know she loves him. This part of the plot brings new hope into the play as evil is working it's way around. It brings hope because of new love just forming.

The second point I decided on is the big scene with Claudio publicly humiliating Hero. For one this is where Don John's plan succeeds. As Claudio is slandering Hero he knows not that he is wrong making this part very dramatic and ironic.

The last point I picked out was the final wedding scene. I chose this because of how it's a happy ending but also tragic. Tragic for Don John because he doesn't have a happy ending. On the other hand the end of the movie reveals the true love between two couples.



The song Pride by American Authors is a good representation of how Hero is slandered but doesn't give up on love. In the song it constantly mentions "never giving up my pride" and this relates to hero after being humiliated. They then devise a plan to show Claudio he is wrong therefor Hero is never giving up her pride. The song also relates to Claudio and his pride and legacy. Later he finds out that Hero is alive and kneels down begging for forgiveness essentially restoring his pride after wrongfully accusing Hero.
American Authors - Pride