Columbia Sportswear Sweatshops

Cory Barnes

Key Information

Sweatshop Locations- The main locations for Columbia sportswear sweatshops are Taiwan, Indonesia, and El Salvador.
Products Made- Mainly Sport coats and shoes.
Working Conditions- The average pay for a person working at a Columbia sportswear Sweatshop is around 1$ an hour. They work from a range of 12-15 hours a day, and sometimes having to work a mandatory overtime. Also a great possibility for the worker to get fired for using the bathroom.
Sweatshop use today- Policies have been put in to ban sweatshop use in the U.S. but not in other countries allowing them to still use them in other countries.


How did the Industrial Revolution affect working conditions today?
Early methods used during the industrial revolution are still used today for sweatshops. Solutions/alternatives to sweatshops:
Companies may have to cooperate with other countries if they want to be able to ban the use of sweatshops.
What did I learn?-The industrial revolution prompted the use of sweatshops around the world that still exist today.
Am I more concerned with how the products I buy are made?
Yes, because they are made in such poor conditions.


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