Beautiful places in Kansas


Red Hills

Red hill got its name by it color yes it is red. They were going to name it flat hills because it has barely any hills. There is a lot of sink holes there. The sink holes come in all different size. The salt from underground is resolved by water.
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Smoky hills

  • The hills in the middle are capped with limestone. Farmers would use limestones to make fences. Limestone In the smoky hills are taken from the Cretaceous sea. When the sea Dried up there were sediment left behind. The sediment was later buried between 1000 and 2000 feet underground

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High Plains

  • When you drive across Kansas from east to west you are going up in elevation. You go up more than 3000 feet if you start at the lowest point at 700 feet in Montgomery. The highest point in kansas is name the mount sunflower. The region barely any rainfall people have to rely on the water in the ground. Most of the water is taken from the rivers close by

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Arkansas River Lowlands

  • It doesn’t flood much anymore and in some places it is dry most of the year because the water has been used faster than the rain can replace it. It stretched into the western Kansas and it has been dry from between 1965 -1985. Arkansas and missouri are the only river in kansas that begin in the rocky mountains. Sand hills don’t change anymore because they are covered in grass and other vegetation

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