la clase de español

Señorita Hoffman | Team Canaveral

Spanish 1

This course is designed to provide students with Spanish language skills in accordance with Indiana World Language Academic Standards and Noblesville Schools' World Language Program. This course is the equivalent of the Spanish 1 course offered at NHS. Students will study fundamental grammar concepts, build a basic vocabulary and learn about culture in Spanish-speaking countries. Grade categories are weighted as follows:

Assessments - 65%
In-Class Assignments - 25%
Homework - 10%

Go to the "Today's Class" Canvas page if you were absent. I will post the materials you need for make-up work. You can also visit "Today's Class" if you've lost a note page or would like to review past lesson documents.

Chapter 1 Exam

1.2 Vocabulary + Numbers Quiz - Monday 9/8

Chapter 1 Unit Exam - Thursday 9/11

What Should I Study for the Ch1 test?

  • spanish alphabet
  • punctuation marks/accent marks
  • subject pronouns
  • ser
  • numbers 0-31
  • vocabulary 1.1 terms (greetings, introductions, salutations, etc.)
  • vocabulary 1.2 terms (days, dates, months, season, asking for/giving phone numbers & e-mail addresses, etc.)
  • telling time

How can I study?

  • Quizlet (with the app OR through the website).
  • Re-read notes from class.
  • Download old homework/practice documents from Canvas, open in Notability and re-work them (excellent way to study!)
  • Ask a friend or family member to quiz you.
  • "Teach" your parents or siblings how to do the concepts we've learned in class.
  • Do the practice exercises in the textbook.
  • Do practice quizzes through the online textbook.
  • Say and write your vocabulary terms (or conjugate verbs) in Spanish & English over-and-over on a piece of paper or dry erase board.
  • Have a practice conversation en español with a classmate, using the concepts and terms we've learned in class.

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