A Student's Society

Search, Surrender, Stay

Come and visit our school society in Elmhurst, Illinois!

Over the years, our creators have seen children not able to focus because they didn't have enough sleep. Students were often depressed and anxious with piles of homework. Students were lazy and un-motivated. Until now, 2081, every student in this society is in charge of something they love which provides them with leadership skills. Children study the majors of their choice, if it is cooking, soccer, horseback riding or etc. The first half of the day is full of students studying the majors of their choice which allows them to find their strengths, passions or hobbies to help them find a job in the future. They are also able to learn about themselves. In this school, there are no tests which help them with stress relief. This society is a boarding school where school starts earlier and ends earlier, no homework, everyone is a leader of their hobby or passion, students study the majors of their choice and there is no homework or tests, only feedback.

The flag on the top right shows clocks that represent when school starts and ends. Notice that it starts at 9AM and ends at 3PM. This provides the students with enough sleep and free time. On the bottom left of the flag is the school and on the bottom right shows a paper with feedback from the teacher instead of marks or grades.

Mode of Transportation

Every student rides a horse to get around. The school provides a horse and all the supplies for each rider. The rider's only responsibility is to take care of the horse. This job consists of brushing the horse thoroughly, taking the horse to the necessary appointments and a hour of riding each day.

Structure of the School

This drawing shows where the classrooms, hallways and dorms are.
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Creator of A Students Society

Hi, I'm Camille Michel and I am the creator of A Student's Society. I created this Utopia because I remember being in high and middle school. I remember not getting enough sleep, not being motivated, staying up till midnight to finish my homework and not having the time to do what I love. That's how I got the idea to start A Student's Society.

List of Laws

1. No bullying

2. No skipping class

3. No drugs or alcohol

4. Respect other students or teachers

5. Parties are only allowed on the weekends, maximum 15 people

6. No swearing

If rule number 2 is broken, the punishment is detention to finish the work done in class. If rule number 4 or 6 is broken, the punishment is homework. If rule number 1 or 5 is broken, the punishment is suspension for a week and will need to do all the chores on the sign up sheet every day for a month. If rule number 3 is broken, the punishment is expulsion.

Victoria Loumaye, a student in our society

Hi, i'm Victoria. I am going into grade 7. During grade 6, I went to A Student's Society. The hours of school help me so much to get enough sleep, and hang out with my friends. I would definitely recommend this school. I visit my parents every weekend and they visit me. I am in charge of the horseback riding club. This leadership skill has helped me during group work and will continue to help me find a job. I also get to enjoy time to spend doing my passions and hobbies and learn about myself while doing so.
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