ENSC Family Notes

February 8, 2016

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Future Generations

Today was a fun day. My husband and I got to spend some time with Max, our grandson. We are very excited to be grandparents and our daughter, Kelli, gives us many opportunities to be with Max. Quite often when we are with Max, he makes me wonder what school and education will be like for him as a kindergartner and as a senior in high school.

For the most part, changes in education move fairly slowly. Of course, over the past 4-5 years there have been numerous changes and challenges that would make one believe Indiana is progressive, innovative, and intuitive to the needs of our students. Are we? I am not certain. We have made significant movement toward an education system that is designed to prepare students for a successful college and/or career pathway following high school graduation. Are we there yet?

The big question is: Do we know what skills and attributes our students need to be successful following high school graduation? Who is making that decision and, what data is being used to arrive at that decision? You often hear (including from myself) that our primary students will most likely work in a job/career that has not been created yet. It is possible; however, it is more likely that the job/career will not be new, but the skills needed for that job will be significantly different. Just consider the level of technology used in the workplace!

In the next several months, our strategic planning process will require the district to develop an East Noble High School Graduate Profile. The profile will outline the skills that we believe our graduates need to be successful following graduation. We will be looking for input from our staff, students, and community.

If you are interested in being a part of our strategic planning process, please contact Ann Linson at alinson@eastnoble.net.

Yep, ENHS Athletics

I don't usually highlight athletic events/activities. However, today, I would like to touch upon a two-decades-in-the-works accomplishment. (I lean on Nick David, ENHS Athletic Director, and Bill Cain, ENMS Athletic Director/Assistant Principal, to be the voice of our athletic programs.)

Saturday night, the ENHS girls basketball team won sectionals! What a wonderful achievement for these ladies and Coach Booth. It has been 19 years since the last GBB sectional championship belonged to ENHS.

So, what was happening 19 years ago?

  • Gas was $1.22 per gallon.
  • Cell phones were just beginning to downsize and be affordable. The first cell phone in 1983 weighed two pounds, had 30 minutes of talk time per charge, and cost nearly $4,000.
  • Princess Diana and Mother Teresa passed away.
  • Mike Tyson bit Evander Hollyfield's ear.
  • OJ Simpson was found guilty.
  • Tiger Woods won the Masters and was the youngest golfer at age 21 to do so.
  • The movie Titanic was released.
  • The TV show Alley McBeal debuted.

AND......, It was the last year for single-class basketball in Indiana.

As you think about what you were doing 19 years ago, consider this: none of these ladies had even been born when the last girls basketball sectional title was won at East Noble High School!

Thank you Coach Booth for choosing to teach and coach at East Noble High School. You have taught these ladies that dreams do come true with a little (OK, a lot) work and belief in themselves.

No School Monday, February 15!

Unsung Hero of the Week

This week’s unsung hero of the week goes out to Melissa Gibson. Melissa is celebrating her one year anniversary with East Noble School Corporation this month. That’s right one year ago we were fortunate enough bring Melissa on board as East Noble School Corporation’s first ever Human Resource Specialist. Melissa has worked very diligently to learn her new position and provide over 500 staff members with biweekly paychecks as well as accurate and timely benefit information. The passion Melissa has for providing support to all of our staff is second to none. Melissa has been able to support all of us while making a great sacrifice by moving herself and two children Sam and Sydney to Kendallville while her husband, JR, finishes out his career in the United States Air Force. Also this month on February 5, 2016 Melissa’s husband has returned home to Kendallville from 20 years of service in the United States Air Force and now they may begin their life together as part of the East Noble School Corporation family. Please join me in congratulating Melissa as our Unsung Hero of the Week.

Building Notes

East Noble High School

Our Business Department provide our students with a wide variety of opportunities to learn future real world skills. Careers classes visited IMPACT just prior to Winter Break to learn about the opportunities that IMPACT offers to them later in their high school careers.

Members of East Noble’s DECA, Sabrina Fear and Carissa Gruszczuk, competed in Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making Competition at the District DECA competition Saturday, January 9. The girls finished second, qualifying them for the State DECA competition which they will attend February 28-March 1st in Indianapolis.

The Family and Consumer Science Department covers a large number of topics in each of their classes. An important course offered to the juniors and seniors is Adult Roles and Responsibilities. This course covers many of the topics that adults deal with on a daily basis. The topics covered this trimester so far include college and career readiness, handling a paycheck, renting an apartment, buying a car, insurance, taxes, and credit. The latest topic has been the vocabulary of insurance. Over 55 words were introduced to the students and each student grouped and developed a booklet to help them remember the terms. Understanding how Auto, Health, Life, Home, and many specialty insurance policies work was a big topic to handle. Students used Kahoot to practice as well as reverse tape lists and policy analysis. A better understanding on why auto insurance premiums are so much higher for teens as well as the varied choices available when choosing an insurance agent were big interest areas. The rest of the trimester will be focused on how to file your taxes as well as the dangers of credit cards. The Adult Roles and Responsibilities Class offers a great opportunity for our students to better understand the many decisions they will be facing in the near future.

East Noble Middle School

Eighth grade Language Arts are reading the who done it mystery The Westing Game. Eighth grade Social Studies is learning about the Constitution, focusing on the first ten amendments. Pre-Algebra is identifying slope and from equations and Science is making Aprons that have information on individual elements.

Seventh grade Visual Arts have completed the Name Fish Patterns project and are beginning to travel to the Pacific Northwest in quest of Totem Pole ideas. They will begin with Art History and end with their own Totem Pole and a story to go along with their characters.

Eight Grade Visual Arts finished making 2D Picasso-like Masks and will begin to plan designs for 3D Masks after a class critique. Advanced Visual Art Students have their Positive /Negative Flip Designs in the display case. Give your eyes a treat and stop by to have a look.

Avilla Elementary


Ten talented Avilla band students competed last weekend at the annual ISSMA solo and ensemble competition at Carroll High School. Avilla walked away with a total of 9 gold medals and 1 silver medal!! Great job Avilla. The musicians did a great job representing our school. The talented musicians include: Nick Munson, Aaronessa Vanderpool, William Lepper, Janel Gustin, Lily Meyer, Kirsten Marsh, Natalie Blankenbeckler, AnnaBella Brown, Isabelle Meyer, Paige Anderson. Their band director is Robert Smith.

OUR PTO skating Party is Tuesday, February 9th from 6:00-8:00 at the Auburn Skatin Station. There is no charge and it is a great time to have fun. Also, Friday, February 19th here at Avilla School, OUR Panther U Night is Family Bingo. We have some GREAT prizes along with snacks. It is a great time to come as a family, have some food and fun and maybe go home with a prize!

If you know a family that has a five year old (on or before August 1), please tell them about OUR Kindergarten Roundup-scheduled for Tuesday, April 19th at 6:30pm. We’ll distribute all the necessary forms at that time, and we’ll duplicate original birth certificates and shot records. You’ll hear from and talk with OUR teachers, and the school nurse will be on hand to tell you about important health requirements and information. Parents of next year’s kindergarten should call us now at 897-2301. We cannot wait to welcome your child into OUR school family!

North Side Elementary

Another busy week for the Wildcats has passed. This week brought us the PTO Scholastic Book Fair, the first band concert, and spirit week. The band concert was a tremendous success under the leadership of Mr. Swartzlander. It is always amazing to see how far the students come in just a short period of time. Students grow from not knowing how to play an instrument to playing songs in just a few short months. It is truly amazing work!

The bo

ok fair was a huge success! Many thanks to all the volunteers and the PTO officers for making it possible. Seeing the kids so excited about books is always a joy. Along with the book fair came spirit week. The Wildcats celebrated with days like monochromatic Monday, tye dye Tuesday, and whacky hair Wednesday. Events like this help everyone to come closer as a school community. Next week North Side will host a blood drive on Monday after school.

Rome City Elementary

Rome City Roman 3rd and 4th grade boys, playing for the Future Knights, brought home a trophy! Congratulations go to Trey Sparkman, Pace Agee, Anthony Mitchener, Joey Sorrell, Kord Bailey, David Sturdivant, and Kobe Ritchie…way to go, boys!

This past Saturday (January 30th), 5 members of the Rome City band participated in the ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Contest held at Carroll High School. All five of them earned a gold medal for their solo performances! This is the fourth year in a row that Rome City has earned all gold medals in the ISSMA contest! A big thank you to our music teacher Mr. Cary for all the work he puts into ISSMA every year!

This week second grade Romans attempted to save Fred the gummy worm. His boat had capsized with his life preserver underneath the boat. Poor Fred was trapped on top of his boat. The really bad news was that Fred didn’t know how to swim. Second graders worked in groups to save Fred. They had to do all of this without the use of their hands actually touching any part of Fred, his boat, or the life preserver. Students were even to put on Fred’s life preserver (a gummy life saver) on him before he went back inside the boat. The only tools students were allowed to use were four large paper clips! What an experience in collaborative learning! Make sure you check out the student Pic Wall’s retelling their process.


South Side Elementary

Sixth Grader Mikiah McDonald participated in the ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday, January 30th at Carroll High School. Mikiah prepared the alto saxophone solo AT THE BALL by Forrest Buchtel. A judge evaluated Mikiah’s performance and he earned a silver rating. Great job Mikiah!!

In art this week, Mrs. Wilhelm’s kindergarten class finished their snowflake pictures. To make the project, students first painted a blue monochromatic background. Then, they made a snowflake on wax paper using Elmer’s glue. After the snowflakes had dried, a light coat of silver paint was added to make them shine. The final step was to remove the snowflakes from the wax paper and glue them to the background.

In music class this month, students have been working on building their music reading skills. They use these skills to help them improve their singing, playing, listening, and performing skills. Classes are starting to create their own music and music performances.

In PE, on February 1st, South Side students began their 6th annual Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. All proceeds benefit the American Heart Association. During this time, students had fun jump roping in PE class, and raising money for a great cause. That is what Jump Rope for Heart is all about - encouraging children to participate in physical activity, teaching them the warning signs of heart attack and stroke while showing that they are contributing to their community.

Wayne Center Elementary

We began our TinCaps Reading Program on February 1. Our first grade reading goal is 60 minutes per week at home. Students will earn a free ticket to a special Wayne Center Game Night if they complete the goal for the four weeks. Our school game night will be on April 15. The first graders have been reading and writing about the book Sarah, Plain and Tall. They are learning how to use inferences and text details to visualize the story and help improve comprehension. We also are learning how to respond to literature and make that reading and writing connection. Our first graders have really enjoyed learning about fractions. They have made fraction caterpillars & pizzas along with using M&Ms, animal crackers, & Smarties to understand the concept. We have been eating our way through fractions! Also, students have been creating poetry anthologies. It has been a great way to learn about and write different types of poetry and use the writing process along the way. It has been a fabulous first grade year so far and we look forward to a fantastic spring of learning.