Teacher Webpages

Technology is just a tool; the TEACHER is most important.

Weebly Objectives:

  • Teachers will sign up for a Weebly account
  • Teachers will create a domain name
  • Teachers will use the Weebly Editor to display digital content and resources for parents and students
  • Teachers will review and discuss how a teacher website can be used for presenting material, completing make-up work, and differentiating instruction.

Weebly Success Criteria:

  • I can create a new site in Weebly.
  • I can edit my Weebly site to include information relevant to my class/club/sport.
  • I can include content on my Weebly site to make communication with parents and students easier and faster.

Why a webpage?

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Instructional Videos to help your Students

This is Mrs. Cron's page at Stewarts Creek Middle School; she used Educreations to create these instructional videos.

Classroom Video Example; Archive the Year

This is Mrs. Neas' site; she is a 1st Grade Teacher at SCE. An easy way to make these is with PhotoStory, then upload to your own YouTube Channel.

Bookmark Sites for your Students to Use

Use your webpage as a gateway to student engagement.

Click Here to see an example of a bookmarking tool that is visual - it uses thumbnails to create the bookmarks. Good for visual learners and younger non-reading students.


This is an example of a folder based bookmarking tool and how you can use it to individualize instruction for your students.

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Show Off the GREAT Stuff Happening in your Classroom

I suggest to my teachers to use Twitter and for them to create their own YouTube Channel.

Webpage Examples

A "Smore" Example: SCE 4th Grade Team

This is the webpage for the 4th Grade Team at Stewarts Creek Elementary.

Why use Smore or Weebly?

  • You can access these programs from any computer with internet access; no special program to load on your computer!

  • You can even work on these sites from your iPad!
    Access Smore through Safari, Weebly has an App.

  • These sites are Super EASY to use and look professional!
Share Your Thoughts about Classroom Webpages

What are your reasons to have a classroom webpage? And/Or, how do you use your classroom webpage? Click the button to add your thoughts!

Done? Then please evaluate this session: