My Presentation!

Hello! I am Jiayao.

About Me.

Hello, I am Jiayao. I have 14 in decembre I meet 15 years old. I live in Mataro - Barcelona. I have a mum, a dad, a small sister and a small brother.

My Favorite Things, Fruit, Colour...

My favorite fruit is WATERMELOON, my chosen colour is Celestial Blue, I love it!

In free time, I reading a my favorite book - Buenos dias, Princesa ( Good morning, Princess ) , No sonrias que me enamoro ( Do not smile I fall in Love ) and Puedo soñar contigo? ( I can dream about you? ) I recomenned. Is very interesting and entertaining!

My Friends!!!!!! <3

My Best Friend Boy is Luis!

And my Best Friend Girl is Laia!

My Facebook!

If I want to know more, my Facebook ...