A Christmas Carol Background

Braden Hart

Braden Hart


Charles Dickens

  1. Charles Dickens "In a Christmas Carol," uses spirits as his past for example he used the ghost of Christmas past, future, and present the story was mainly based on his life.
  2. Charles wanted people to honor Christmas and give people more of a heart. People say he created Christmas, because he gave a lot of people more heart to the needy.

Industrial Revolution

  1. Poverty, was every where in the industrial revolution, and in the Victorian Era. People were more poor than wealthy, and kids had to work hard and were abused just for their families
  2. Industrialization was a way where people who owned the industry got a lot of money and it helped the economy, but there was a bad side to it, People who didn't own a factory were either poor or moderate it also ruined the environment.

The Victorian era

  1. The Victorian Era was a time of great peace and prosperity in Great Britain, the people and rulers, had great confidence.
  2. The Victorian Era made people both poor people and wealthy people a good amount of money, the people who were wealthy at the start got more money, and the poor got at least a little bit of money for working.


  1. Kids worked in the industry because they needed money for the family that was A) poor or B) The family was very greedy.
  2. Kids weekly wages were one shilling and that isn't very much.
  3. Kids were abused and mistreated during that time they were beat, and didn't get a lot of money compared to the other people working.
  4. Poverty effected a lot of people, because it made people poor and it affected public policies and it out weighs the wages that people should actually get.