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End of Day Pickup

IMPORTANT- Please remember that there is a 15 minute window to pick up your student after school. Any student that is not participating in a sport or activity MUST be picked up immediately after school. Siblings of athletes MUST be picked up. This is a safety concern and there are no exceptions. Accounts will be billed with late pick up charge ($5 for the first five minutes and $5 for each additional fifteen minutes) for any students left unattended at either campus.

Dress Down Reminders

Students must pay $30 to dress down for the year. No ripped/torn/raggedy clothing. No TIGHT fitting or revealing clothing. Students not in proper attire will wait in the office until parents can return with a change of clothes. A good rule of thumb is to err on the side of conservatism


The deadline for signing up to take the PSAT has been extended to 9/4. Cost is $14. Students in 9th-11thmay take it. It is strongly encouraged for all students, but crucial for 11th graders desiring to attend college. Contact the office to sign up.

CCA Student Tutor Corps

CCA has capable student tutors that are available to assist your student. The cost is $10/hr and the fee goes directly to the student tutor. If you are in need of tutoring services for your student, please contact

Athletes Riding the Bus

All athletes MUST ride the bus to each event and must have WRITTEN permission to ride with someone else other than their parents or on the bus for the ride home.

Cavaliers vs No Georgia

Friday, Sep. 6th 2013 at 7:30pm



Mr Clint Davis for painting the trailer

Mr Jason Mask for having trailer moved

Volunteer Opportunities

Prayer Team

elementary beautification