The God of Blacksmiths

Hephaestus was the Greek god of blacksmiths, sculptures, metallurgy, and fire and volcanoes. Hephaestus was the blacksmith for the gods. He made all their weapons and armor. He is also the Patron of the arts. Some account say that Hephaestus's parents are Zeus and Hera but others say that Hera bore him by herself. He is the only known god who is said to be ugly. He is also crippled. Once his parents saw his defect, he was said to be thrown out of the heavens. He landed in the ocean and was raised by Thetis and Eurynome. He was married to Aglaia who is one of the three graces. There marriage was arranged my Zeus. Aglaia was known to be not loyal to her husband. She had many affairs with men and gods. Hephaestus had had many children one of which was a son Erichthonius, who was half man half serpent.


Hephaestus has many symbols. These include an ax, an anvil, a pair of tongs, a hammer and fire. He is associated with these symbols because he is the blacksmith of the gods. He made many things for them such as weapons, armor, and even jewelry.