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February 2022

Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day, led by All4Ed, is an initiative to engage students and empower educators through the effective use of digital tools. Join the thousands of teachers and students around the globe celebrating the use of digital technology in education for Digital Learning Day on February 22nd.

Here are some ideas for lessons you and your students can utilize to celebrate Digital Learning Day and throughout the week of February 22-25.

Google Two-Factor Authentication

New Brunswick Public Schools is committed to ensuring the safety and security of its technology networks and systems. As cyberattacks, cyber criminals, and online scams are becoming a daily challenge we have to be vigilant in the protection of our network and valuable information. In our continued efforts, NBPS is implementing a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) security system for ALL DISTRICT STAFF. This security measure is in line with industry standards to prevent future security breaches. In addition, insurance carriers are requiring that school districts implement and enforce 2FA for all systems and networks. Google has announced the rollout of forcing 2FA in its platform for many users.

How Will Two Factor Authentication Work?

  • Anyone who does banking online or uses certain personal email accounts uses 2FA now. If you log on to an account from an unknown device (computer, tablet, phone, etc.) a message is sent to your cell phone or an email is sent to confirm your identity. This will work the same way where you will get a notification on your mobile phone to authenticate your identity.

What Other Options are Available if I Choose Not to Use 2FA?

  • The Technology Department will enforce a highly secure password with a minimum of 30 characters using all of the various numeric and symbol characters that will have to be changed every 2 weeks.

Teacher and Classroom Highlights

Middle School Feature: Katherine Roman

Hello! My name is Katherine D.Roman and I am a graduate from Kean University. This will be my third year teaching at New Brunswick Public Schools as a 6th grade Self-Contained- English Language Arts Teacher. There are many ways how I have implemented digital learning in my classroom are by using the following; Youtube, UDL Book Builder, Google Slides and Storyboard.

One way how I incorporate digital learning is through the use of YouTube. I created a YouTube channel where I posted read alouds to help my students keep up with their reading. Using YouTube in the classroom has been an successful experience because I can create a center, where my students listen to the audiobook and answer questions. Through YouTube I can use educational videos to enhance the curriculum by giving my students more background knowledge before we discuss the topic.

Another digital learning platform I use in my classroom is; “UDL BOOK BUILDER”. What I like most about this website is that it offers tools for both teachers and students to create digital books. Using the UDL Book Builder, I have been able to modify the grade level novels by chunking the paragraphs, adding visuals and record audio to each page. We use the UDL Book Builder in different ways. It varies lesson to lesson and if I want to make this a hands-on lesson. At times, I will print out certain pages and hand out highlighters or colored pencils to have students annotate. Other times, I will have a center, where students listen to a few pages using the UDL Book Builder and to demonstrate their understanding of the text, I will have them act out their scenes. Other times, students will work together to answer questions by completing digital task cards, or interactive notebook.

When it comes to digital learning, I want my students to enjoy their experiences and I want to make learning fun. Many of my students enjoy to draw. So, for our IFL unit, when students had to write a different ending for “The Most Important Night of Melanie’s Life.” I had my students use their Storyboards to create their endings. As a class, we came up with a list of creepy scenarios. Then, students chose one scenario to help them get started. Once students filled out their graphic organizers, they used Storyboard to create their digital comics of their alternate endings for “The Most Important Night of Melanie’s Life.”

It has been a great experience using digital learning websites because I have seen student engagement increase and my students have learned that we can always use technology to our advantage. I personally believe when technology is used appropriately, both students and teachers can benefit from it.

The talented students of NBMS have been busy over the past few months creating original artwork in a variety of mediums. Including drawing, printmaking, painting, and digital art. With 1:1 access to technology our students' potential to create art only deepened during the pandemic through the use of digital programs. Our virtual art show is a way to reach students, parents and our school community during a time when it is not safe to gather as we once did. Enjoy our collection of portraits, still lifes, landscapes, cityscapes, room interiors and abstract art. We look forward to sharing more artwork in the months to come. Thank you for your support of the visual arts.

Click here for the full show.

Mrs. Bulleit, Mrs. Fevola & Ms. Yoder

Technology Update

Google Meets Update: Live Translated Captions

Google has made an update which allows meeting participants to now change English meetings into: Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese with translated captions. These translated captions now make Google Meet calls more inclusive and collaborative while breaking down the language barrier. Meeting participants can now take in the Google Meet in their own native language.

For meeting participants to use this feature, go to: Settings > Captions > Live Captions > Translation Language.

View the video below for further instruction.

Google Translation
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Content Created by: Carla Segarra, Director of Digital Learning and Innovation & Jamie Schoenbach, Supervisor of Instructional Technology