Guillermo Fernandez-Garcia

English 5th

Likes and Hobbies

Everything related to sport, I play basketball in my school team, soccer, padel, running and skiing. I like to listen to music in my free time, hang out with my friends and watch basketball and soccer games on TV. Real Madrid is my favorite soccer team.

My life in Spain

My School in Madrid

NSP is a grade, elementary and high school located in the center of Madrid. I have been studying there since I was 6 years old. It has soccer, basketball and volleyball teams. I usually go there on foot and it takes me 10 minutes.

My family

All my family is from Spain and we live in Madrid. My parents are Guillermo and Carmina. I have two siblings, a boy called Andrés (14) and a girl called Laura (14), yes they are twins. I have 7 uncles and aunts. I have 8 cousins, Alicia (7), Alejandro (9), Andrés (11), (Antonio (26), Carlota (25), Mónica (20), Oscar (21) and Ángel (25). We usually meet on Christmas and my grandparents birthdays.

My grandmother, cousin, siblings and I