6-8 Math Curriculum Compacting

December 2nd

Guiding Question

How do the new TEKS best align to fit 6th-8th grade into 2 years of instruction so that PreAP students can be ready for Algebra I by 8th grade?


A) Keep current alignment

6th & 7th Grade TEKS in 6th

8th Grade TEKS in 7th

B) Return to former alignment*

6th & 1/2 of 7th Grade TEKS in 6th

1/2 of 7th Grade & 8th TEKS in 7th

*Not actually our former alignment---Daub memory problem;)

C) Combination Across 3 Grades

6th Grade: 1 UIL, 2 classes PreAP, Advanced Math (on-level skills)

7th Grade: PreAP (continuation from last year) & Advanced Math (on-level skills)

8th Grade: Algebra I & Advanced Math

***Curriculum Alignment we talked about with this one would be the same outlined on Option B for PreAP classes.

Factors to Consider

Time Allotted

Double-blocked: Would this still be necessary with option B?

Curriculum Development
New Scope & Sequence Work: Not just a matter of dividing 7th in half for Option B

New Learning

What has experience with the new TEKS and training that we have attended taught us? Anything that will impact this decision?

Review Data

Where have we struggled so far?

Where these issues the result of the way we compact curriculum?


Are there any other factors that could be making an impact?


What else can we think about?

Review Vertical Alignment Tools

Where are the concepts that students struggle with the most?

How can we best bundle concepts to help students make connections?