Welcome to Ohio!

Made by: ____Jenna Cramer._____


Nickname: Ohio's nickname is Buckeye state.

Capital: The capital of Ohio is Columbus.

Largest city: The largest city is also Columbus

Population: The population of Ohio is 11.59 million people

Motto: This is probably my favorite motto With God, all things are possible.


Governor:John Kisich.

Us senators: Shered Brown,Rob Portman.

Major producers: Soybean's,Corn,Wheat,Hay.

Border states:Idiana,Kentucky,Michigan,Pennsylvanian, West vilyinia.

Climate: Rainfall,average.

State Bird:Cardinal.


Date of admission:March 1,1803

State flower: Scarlet carhation

State three: Buckeye

State song: Beautiful Ohio

Famous places: Ceder point, Rock&Roll. Cincinnati Zoo

Famous people: Kneel arm strong