January 4th, 2022

"Where it's always a good day to be a Bison!"

News from Mrs. Marlatt!

Dear parents and guardians,

Welcome to 2022! I hope your break was relaxing and filled with joyous moments. I was so blessed to have my parents visit from Brazil. We spent quality time together, and they were able to create wonderful memories with their first great-grandbaby (my grandson Beau). We are excited to welcome all our wonderful students back to school today. Teachers spent half the day on Monday planning and getting their classrooms ready for students and our second semester of learning.

We believe having students in school provides the best conditions for learning. I am happy our doors remain open for in-person learning everyday. Our district continues to monitor absences closely and will make decisions that are school-based, depending on specific school needs. My hope is that we are able to remain open for students and keep everyone safe and healthy. Please read about our district's policies on safe in-person learning included below in the newsletter. Do reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Winter is fully upon us, and I would like to remind everyone about our "going outside" policy. Generally speaking, we take students outside everyday unless the temperature drops below 22 degrees. We also make decisions based on precipitation and wind chill. We believe kids need the exercise and fresh air, so please send them to school with the appropriate clothing. We appreciate you working with us on this.

Finally, I would like to welcome all the new families who have joined us recently. I have left some repeated information on this newsletter so new families can learn about our Bison ways! Please pay special attention to the Traffic Reminders. We have worked very hard to maintain a safe parking lot, and everyone's cooperation is needed for this.

I am so excited for what the new semester will bring us... chances to learn, to be creative and to explore!

Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Ms. Marlatt


From our 27J School District

January 3, 2022

Dear 27J Families,

Happy new year and welcome back from winter break! We hope you and your family had a wonderful time away and are as excited as we are about your student returning to school tomorrow.

The last few weeks have been marked by a surge in COVID cases across the nation, Colorado and Adams County. In response, CDC has recently updated its COVID guidance for the general public which is the guidance followed by 27J Schools. You can find CDC’s full list of current guidelines here. We anticipate guidance updates from Tri-County Health potentially impacting our schools. If changes are required, we will promptly notify you.

We remain committed to providing an in-person learning experience at every 27J school. Based on today’s student and staff health data, we are not considering district-wide delays to our return to school tomorrow, nor are we planning to implement remote learning as an entire district.

We actively track student and staff health status data every day to make sure we have adequate staffing to safely operate schools with classroom coverage and adequate administration to run essential ongoing school operations. In addition, our school site COVID coordinators monitor student illness and illness clusters within classes (cohorts) to detect any need for cohort, class, grade level or other groups that may need to implement remote instruction to keep all students healthy and safe. So far our data indicate we have adequate staff to safely and responsibly operate all of our schools as usual.

That said, we will continue to consider having individual cohorts, grade levels and schools implement remote instruction if we are not able to operate in-person instruction safely. You will be notified by your school should your student be impacted by these measures. At this time, no remote learning is required in 27J Schools.

The safety and health of our students and staff remain a priority for 27J. However, everyone must share in the responsibilities to maintain that safe environment. We all must strictly adhere to health orders and these layers of protection.

  • Masks: Masks are still required in all schools regardless of vaccination status.

  • Health Screen: Stay home if you are sick or have any new or different symptoms. This is our strongest layer of protection. Please continue to use the 27J Health Screen to notify your school's COVID site coordinator of symptoms or a positive test.

  • Quarantine: Quarantine refers to the time following exposure to the virus or close contact with someone known to have COVID-19. In these cases, CDC now recommends a quarantine of 5 days for those who are unvaccinated.

  • Isolation: Isolation relates to action after someone has a confirmed infection. People with COVID-19 should be isolated for 5 days after which they can return to school/work if they are symptom-free or their symptoms are resolving (without fever for 24 hours).

With your help, we can safely continue having in-person learning in every school. But rest assured, if we see data indicating risks to student or staff health, we are capable of making a shift to remote instruction to maintain everyone’s safety. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school site COVID coordinator.

Thank you for your continued support of your school and 27J. Again, welcome back!

Personel News

Please be patient with us as we transition the wonderful Janina Lucero (our previous Registrar) into the Secretary role. She starts in her new position today!

Our teams will spend time interviewing for the following positions his week:


1st and 2nd Grade Teachers

Preschool Paraprofessional

We hope to find the right people to join our team!

Traffic Reminders

Here are a few reminders about our drop off and pick up procedures. You know that Commerce City police pops in once in a while and issue tickets to vehicles that are not following our safety rules... so please make sure you are doing what you can do keep our students and staff safe!

  • No parked cars in the "no parking zone" - which is by the sidewalk from the beginning of the parking lot all the way to the front doors. This is a fire lane and also a bus lane. There is NO PARKING anytime. Only drop off or pick up. We have noticed many cars parked waiting for the school to open in the morning, blocking the bus and causing lines of cars that go all the way outside the parking lot. Please drop off your student and go - no parking.
  • Same rules apply for pick up after school.
  • Students can be dropped off at 7:30am for breakfast eaters and 7:35am for non breakfast eaters. We do not have supervision for students who are dropped off before these times.
  • Students must be picked up at 3:30pm every day. We do not have staff to supervise students after school.
  • Let us know if you need information about our before and after-school program.
  • Please only use the handicap parking if you have a handicap license.
  • The Staff of the Month parking is for staff only at all times.

We appreciate your cooperation!

Breakfast opens at 7:30am

We continue to open the lunchroom doors at 7:30am. The 5 extra minutes helps our breakfast crowds. Students not eating breakfast are welcome to come in the building at 7:35am as usual.