North American Coalition of Oil Replacment


ACOR is trying to make a replacement for oil in the use of cars. The replacement they are trying to use is running on steam power. Replacing oil will decrease the US spending deficit, mainly in military spending, as we'd be able to pull a large number of troops out of the Middle East almost immediately seeing as they would no longer have responsibility for the oil fields we currently depend so much on.

It takes time to change

Making the switch will take time, and while still thinking about the cost of alternative energy the change will benifit the US. It will be expensive to make the switch at first because alternate energy sources are not only costly to make, but very expensive to engineer and discover in the first place.

1. How long will the process take to convert fully off of oil dependency?

Answer: It will take up to 3 years for all of the bill issue and reforms to be submitted and passed should everything go as planned. There will be allowance for people who already have purchased gas powered cars to keep them as it would be unfair just to strip their cars from them as now worthless junk, so that part will take an unsure number of years longer.

2. How much will it cost to pull off this entire project?

Answer: We will be acquiring a budget of $16 billion to fund the research and development of our standardized products for steam harnessing and exhaust management but outside of that, no additional charge should be required by our organization. The auto industry will certainly take an immediate hit, but soon bounce back from the initial overhead cost of the switch. There truly is no alternative to this in the end, unfortunately.

3. Where will the funds for this project be taken from?

Answer: Most will be taken from tax dollars and donations, but events will be held nationwide also to encourage pledge donations. A walk to end oil dependency will be held in San Francisco, New York, and Miami to help gather pledge donation money with the goal in mind being to end the oil dependency crisis and sever our reliance on the Middle East's oil fields. Rallies to bring home the troops will also be held nationwide as the recall of troops initially sent to protect the very oil fields we seek to cut ourselves from will be directly instigated. So in short, most will come from the donations of the concerned, and tax dollars will fill in the deficit.

4. What do you plan to institute as the new form of alternate fuel to replace fossil fuels?

Answer: A combination of advanced and modernized steam technology, solar-electric power, and to round off oil's lubrication functions, simple water based lubricants will fill in to replace them. That alone will create a whole new industry for american workers' profit.


We are a government organization founded on the sole purpose of creating a healthier and non oil dependent future.