Nuclear Fusion Diascovered

Energy Co. have discovered the secret to nuclear fusion!

Who, When and Where

Jake La Frenz and his lab Energy Co. found how to use nuclear fusion here on earth. It was discovered in Aberdeen, North Carolina on November 29, 2015. This will be used to make massive amounts of energy for everyone quicker.


Nuclear fusion is when two or more atomic nuclei collide together at very high speeds to form a nuclei. This produces lots of energy. Nuclear fission is the combining of atomic nuclei. Nuclear fusion is more efficient but has not been discovered how to use until know.


There are many ways that this could be dangerous. Massive explosions can happen so Energy Co. is trying to find a more secluded place to have the lab. Also, there is many risks of toxic waste that Energy Co. has promised to dispose of properly.


This is an opportunity to allow the USA to make cleaner energy and help the environment. Also, this can help the economy by offering more jobs. It can allow poorer families to have electricity because it will be cheaper. This could also allow humanity to take a step forward because now there is endless energy.