Mammoth Newsletter

By: Naudia Terry

Mammoth Breaking News

Large animals that can be up 22,000 pounds and 14 ft tall have been in a shocking discovery. Bones of these animals have been found in areas such as where the time period of the Ice Age took place about 11,700 years ago. The Mammoth, animals that are related to today's animals known as elephants.

Most of the bones discovered have told scientists many things about Mammoths, and not only that but possible ways that certain Mammoths died. Some Mammoths died because of getting killed by predators and others by getting pushed over cliffs. Discovering bones and other types of artifacts has given scientists a lots of information on the Ice Age and other types of animals that lived in that time period. A huge reason why this discovery is so important is because Mammoths are rare, large, and complex animals that tell scientists a lot about the world. More and More things about the Mammoth are getting discovered each day.

Mammoths Extinction Affects the Ecosystem

The extinction of the mammoth affected many other things that lived in the ecosystem with it and the ecosystem itself. The mammoth went extinct close to 10,000 years ago and its number one predator went extinct about 12,000 years ago. Most Saber Tooth Cats died because of not having the mammoth to depend on for food. Because of this they only managed to survive only 2,000 years after the Mammoth.

Mammoths were herbivores, they ate most of the tall grass that grew to 8 ft tall. They were know to have eaten at least 800 pounds of grass per day. Once their population died out there weren't as many animals to eat the grass, this caused the grasslands to have a population explosion. This event also caused a climate change in the area of where they lived at the time.

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Faithful or Not

Some people have certain beliefs that they live by everyday. But sometimes things happen that doesn't match with their beliefs. People tend to ignore the fact that Dinosaurs and Mammoths were't in the bibles that they go by because they think it may change what they do believe in if they try to understand it. Most people believe that humans were the first living things on the Earth, but scientist have theories and proof that Dinosaurs and other different types of animals existed before humans. A few people have even come up with various theories so that what they believe can still be true. People react to this situation in their own ways, but trying to understand the situation instead of trying to ignore it will actually give you a clearer point of view. In doing this whatever you discover, you will still be able to have faith in what you believe in.