Reconquest and Spanish Inquisition

Why are King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella doing this?

What is the Reconquest?

Currently, the Iberian Peninsula is mostly populated by Catholics and Jews. Muslims, who currently populate a lot of that area as well, are developing schools, mosques and palaces. Most of these schools allow Catholics, Jews, and Muslims to study together, except for a few certain ones. Now, many Catholics are opposing of the Muslim rule, and they are starting to recolonize 'their' peninsula with only Catholic people and trying to make all of the Muslims and Jews convert to their religion.

We expect an Inquisition

  • Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon (who are the current king and queen of Spain, who also inspired this news clipping) will want the few Jews in their land to convert to Catholicism. We expect that most people will want to convert to avoid their persecution. However, most obviously, they will still believe that there are people that are still following their own religion, Judaism. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand will torture every Jew in the land who they believe is charged with heresy. Also, we predict that they will make all of the Jews that do not convert leave Spain. Next, because there are also Muslims in this land, they will aim to make the Muslims convert to their religion. Because most Muslims live in Granada, they will conquer that area and Muslims will have to either convert or leave the country. Most Muslims will flee to South Africa.