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April 2016

That many of our EL students attend school on the weekends?

Russian speaking students (not necessarily just from Russia) attend Russian school from ages 5-15 where they continue to learn their home language. They also learn about Russian culture. Many of the students also do missions work with their church.

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Muslim students from Somalia and other African countries often attend Islamic school. They start as young as age 5. At this school they spend their Saturdays studying the Qu’ran, learning to read and write in Arabic, and learn about the principles of the Islamic religion. Students may also do community service work as the focus is to help young people become leaders in their community while staying true to the tenets of Islam.

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EL Teaching Tip

When working with ELs, remember that English is a hard, complicated language! Check out these entertaining examples below.
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Learning English: "Ough" is tough to figure out