Religon in Asia

Who is the founder of hinduism??

The founder of hinduism is no founder because they dont know who is it

What is the higher power ??

no one founde it

Date Founded

Date of the foundeed is earliiest date 1500 BC or nearlier

Adherents (followers)

900 Millions

Adherents (followers)

900 Million

Size Rank ( Holy Bible)

the third largest world

Spiritual leader

Guru or sage

Major Hoilday

Manashivarati (mid-february) hoi (spring ) daiwii (mid-november)

Beliefs About After Life

if karma unresolved, soul is born into a new body, if karma resolve, attin moksa (liberation).

Beliefs 1 human nature

Inbondge to ignorance and illusion,but able to esape

2. Purpose of life

To attain liberation (moka) from the cycle of reimcarnation

3. How we live

Order life according


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