Philippines Debriefing

Jackson Rudolph- Medical Officer

The Team- Department of Health and Safety for the Planet of Earth’s Council for the Finer Things Club, Concerning the Safety of Earth’s People

Team Roster-

Jackson- Medical Officer

Trent- Pilot

Jaiden- Navigator

Our Goal-

Our team wanted to reboot the Philipino economy so that they can sustain normal living.

Main Obj.-

We want to bring enough supplies over to the Philippines so that the people can live in healthy conditions and not need extra help from other countries.

Accomplishments and Accolades

Manifest of Supplies-

8 Medical Supplies

3 Portable Hospitals

5 Drinking Water

2 Mosquito Supplies

2 Misc

3 Medical Chests

7 Food

Flight Time- 30hrs and 28mins

Flight Route- Our team decided to go up through Canada and over to Russia, then we went down the East coast of Asia to the Philippines

Our mission was accomplished because we did end up helping reboot the Philippines economy so that they could live without help from other countries

Maps and Diagrams of Plans


Order of business- Our team had to figure out what was most important and do those things first. We decided that it would be best if we research their country and the diseases inside of the Philippines. Then we mapped out what we would take with us and how to place inside the plane. Finally we made a flight plan and found how long it would take us to get to the Philippines.

Misconceptions- When researching for this mission we didn't go in depth enough so we didn't get the full amount of funding we needed to take all the supplies we needed.

Strategies- When making the flight plan we thougth that we could straight from Houston to California to Hawaii, but that didn't work becaue Hawaii was almost double the distance we could travel.

Tips/Lessons- When your making plans for something take your time and make sure everything is gonna work, don't do the guess and check strategy, it takes way to much time to keep redoing everything over and over again.