Padbury Newsletter

Issue #14 - 5 September 2019

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6 Sep - Sausage Sizzle Day / Merit Award Assembly / Year 4 Excursion / School Disco

9-11 Sep - Year 3 Reconciliation Parent Workshops

10 Sep - Year 4 Mass

12-13 Sep - First Aid Incursions PP-6

18 Sep - School Board and P&F Meetings

18-19 Sep - School Jumps and Throws

20 Sep - School Athletics Carnival

21-22 Sep - Reconciliation Commitment Masses


Dear parents

On Sunday 8 September we celebrate the birthday of Mary, Mother of Jesus. In class, the children prayed the Hail Mary or a decade of the Rosary as a special gift to Our Lady.

Mary, Mother of God, Pray For Us.

It was so wonderful to see the outstanding attendance at our special Father’s Day Breakfast and Assembly last week. It was an opportunity to honour all dads within the Padbury CPS community and pray for all dads who may no longer be with us. It was terrific to see dads, grandads and uncles spending this special time with all the children. I hope our Padbury dads were spoilt over the weekend! Big thank you to the P&F for hosing the breakfast and to all the mums and staff who helped out from very early in the morning, it was very much appreciated and showed our great community spirit.

Our school will be celebrating a Family Mass on Sunday September 15 at Our Lady of the Missions Church at 9:30am. Please mark the date in your diary. We would love for as many families as possible to come and celebrate this special liturgy and are looking for children and family members to read, play music, altar serve, help with collections etc. Following mass there will be morning tea. Please click on the following link for further information- I look forward to seeing you there.

Padbury Catholic Primary School was founded by the Mercy Sisters in 1985. During the week of the 23rd September we will be celebrating our origins during Mercy Week. Please join us for our whole school mass on Tuesday 24 September at 2.00pm in the School Hall.

Who are the Mercy Sisters? Throughout rural and urban Australia, in Papua New Guinea and internationally, our Sisters and partners in Mercy, minister to people with no voice and those seeking justice at home and beyond. Padbury Catholic Primary School seeks to support the Sisters in their mission. On Monday 23 September we will be fundraising for Mercy Works who are the charity branch of the Mercy Sisters. Our Year Six students are busy preparing a mini fete to which all year levels are invited to take part. Please see the flyer in the newsletter.

Code of Conduct professional development with staff has taken place this year with Code of Conduct statement elaborations reviewed to make it relevant to PCPS. The Keeping Safe parent professional development session run by a CEWA consultant and organised by the P&F, tied in with child protection work currently being undertaken. The Leadership Team have recently moved some learning areas around the school to ensure a more efficient set up in regards to child protection eg EMU room is now off the Library with glass doors/windows. Extension classes have moved back to Mackillop room and glass doors were installed as part of child protection protocols. There are plans for the Science room to move to one of the classrooms in 2020 where there will be more room as well as better visual accessibility. Morning supervision of students was also introduced this year to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children as they arrive in the mornings. Parents are asked to continue to support this by waiting in the undercover area with their child between 8.15-8.30am should they be on the school site during this time. Children are supervised by a staff member.

There are so many extra curricula activities on offer at Padbury Catholic Primary School – the Catholic Performing Arts festival, One Big Voice and Tournament of the Minds (TOM) are a few that have been in the spotlight recently.

The Catholic Performing Arts Festival has now concluded. Congratulations to all participants in the various sections. The children represented Padbury Catholic Primary School beautifully. We have so much talent at Padbury CPS and I am so very impressed with the confidence that all the children displayed in performing in front of large and varied audiences. I am very proud of all of you. A huge thank you to Mrs Sylvia Cusack who coordinated all our participants in this year’s festival. It is a big task and there are many hours spent behind the scenes planning and practising with the students. Special thankyou to all the staff who assisted Mrs Cusack throughout the festival period, it was very much appreciated.

On Friday I was privileged to go and listen to the One Big Voice (OBV) concert at the Arena in the city. OBV is where students participate in a non-competitive massed choir with thousands of children singing together. It’s quite something magical to see and hear! A big thankyou to our wonderfully talented Mrs Cusack for preparing the children so beautifully for this special event. They performed well and the delight on their faces was a sight to see.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” (Plato)

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Congratulations to both Padbury CPS Tournament of the Minds (TOM) teams on their performance last Saturday. The Lang-Lit and STEM teams both did very well with the STEM team being invited to compete in the State Final. Big thankyou to Ms Ashleigh Remigio for assisting the children with their preparations for the competition. We wish you all good luck!

We have some brand new resources for coding in our Learning Hub – Botley.

Botley can detect objects and move around them, follow looping commands and can navigate obstacle courses and is perfect for critical thinking and problem solving. I am sure the children will enjoy the coding challenges!

The Year Four classes at Padbury Catholic Primary School have been learning about Aboriginal Peoples’ history in an Integrated Learning Unit drawing from the Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), English, Science, Music and Art curricula. The central idea of the unit is based on the NAIDOC 2019 theme: ‘Voice Treaty Truth’. The children will be presenting an exhibition on Thursday 12 September at 11.15am in the School Hall to display the outcome of all their learning activities. There will be a musical performance, artwork, Dreaming stories, a comparison of the geographical and spiritual aspects of Uluru, a persuasive text on contemporary issues from an Aboriginal People’s perspective and an investigation drawn from the book “Young Dark Emu” and more! Ms Isobel Bevis from the CEWA Aboriginal Education Team will be our special guest for this exhibition. Please come along and join us.

This year the Leadership Team and CEWA consultants worked with the PCPS staff on our school Aboriginal Education Plan–Transforming Lives. At the Catholic Leader’s Forum recently a video was made by CEWA and PCPS was one of three schools featured.

This evening there will be a Parent transition information session for PK & K parents. This workshop is to assist parents in gaining a hands on understanding of the practical strategies and support with helping children and families transition from home and day care environments prior to starting the school year. The workshop will be fun and interactive and an opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of how children learn through educational play and supporting them to be engaged, active learners whilst building skills of independence and confidence. Many thanks to Mrs Megan Finlay and Ms Natasha Bebich for organising this valuable parent event.

Our Pre-Kindy (3 yr old) programme now runs every Tuesday and every Thursday. Once children turn 3 years of age they can attend Pre-Kindy.

In Pre-Kindy we nurture creative and active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts all in a safe and secure environment. Our little ones learn through imaginative, cognitive and sensory play, both the indoors and outdoors. Our little ones learn to socialise, take turns and are introduced to basic routines and rituals.

There is always lots of fun to be had including activities such as cooking, story and singing time and 'Walk of the Week' through the school, where our little ones visit the chickens, the prayer garden, the library and other areas of the school. This helps our little ones to develop that sense of 'belonging' to a larger community.

Places are filling up quickly so if you have a child who is 3 years old or turning 3 years of age, or have friends, neighbours or relatives with children ready for Pre-Kindy, please contact the school office as soon as possible to enrol for 2019, 2020 and beyond.

Thank you to our P&F who are as busy as ever. Our second disco is coming up on the 6 September with the theme of Super Powers! Check the flyer in the newsletter for further details. Thankyou to Tara Pellicano and Lauren Giuffre for organising this P&F event and for making it so special for the children.

Big thanks to Simon Pearce for the upcoming Extraordinary Father League (EFL) Poker Night at the Forrest Park Community Hall. Thanks to Simon Pearce and his team of helpers who organise these wonderful events for the fathers in our school community, it promises to be a great bonding night.

Big thankyou also to our P&F Faith Education team Kate Allen, Aneta Gradek and Nat Bullen for organising the upcoming ‘You are Strong’ child/parent workshop, keep an eye out for further details in future newsletters and to our Padbury Cares team Marnie Cooper and Ruth Tan who always work quietly behind the scenes to help those in need in our school community.

Padbury Catholic Primary School has a brand new school website.

The Leadership Team and Mrs Tammy Hunter (ICT staff member) have been working over the last couple of weeks to bring this to fruition. It proudly showcases our school and all we have to offer. It looks sensational! Check it out -

Staffing 2020 update: I would like to advise that Mrs Tammy Hunter and Mr Matt Nettleton have resigned from Padbury Catholic Primary School and have accepted positons at St Peters Catholic School next year. Mrs Hunter has been at Padbury CPS in the role of ICT for the past 7 years and Mr Nettleton, for 3 years in the role of classroom teacher. They are both valued staff members and will be sadly missed by us all as well as by the students and parents. I wish them the best of luck in their new school and we will farewell them at the end of the year.

Enjoy the weekend.



Reconciliation - Important Dates

The Sacrament of Reconciliation for our Year Three students is quickly approaching. Parent workshops will be held next week between Monday 9th - Wednesday 11th September. Year 3 class teachers have sent an email out about these workshops.

Reconciliation Commitment Masses will be held at Our Lady of the Mission Church over the weekend of Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation will take place on Tuesday 22nd October at 7:00pm at Our Lady of the Mission Church.

If you have any queries please see your classroom teacher.

Mercy Week

Our Mercy Week celebrations (Week 10) are gearing up, with several events planned throughout the week. On Monday 23rd September we will have our Mercy Week Fete Day (please see flyer below), and on Tuesday 24th September we will hold our Whole School Mercy Mass at 2:00pm in the school hall. All are welcome to join us for this special celebration.
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End of Year Date

Please be advised that the final day of Term 4, 2019 for students will be Friday 13th December 2019.

Thought for the Week

Have a wonderful fortnight ahead!

Ryan von Bergheim

Assistant Principal

School Fees

Final School Fee Statements were sent home during week 2, Term 3.

We would appreciate final payment of Fee accounts by 27th September, unless you have set up a regular payment plan (weekly, fortnightly, monthly payments).

Reminder; if you are withdrawing your child from Padbury Catholic Primary School, the school requires one Terms notice.

School Fee Policy, Terms and Conditions of Enrolment can be found on the school webpage

If you require further information, require an updated fee statement or need to discuss your school fee account, please phone Mrs Denise Davis, 9404 4000, or email


Performing Arts Festival

The Performing Arts Festival has now concluded and I would like to congratulate all the students involved. It has been wonderful and exciting to see students share their talent to an unknown audience and perform in a venue away from school.

A special thank you to a group of Year 6 students who have been involved in numerous sections and given lots of their time to rehearsals.

Thank you to Class Teachers and Education Assistants involved as conductors, musicians and crowd control. Your input and help is always to be congratulated.

The following classes and students received extra certificates:

Outstanding - Luka Babich & Stick Drama

Excellence - Sophie Monisse-Redman, Aileen Karuvelil Saju, Declan Cooper, Year 6 Sacred Choir, Year 3H +3BR

Merit - Mahalia Mae Ellison, Rock Frogs, Year 1W/M, Year 6 Choral Choir & Phoebe Lyons

One Big Voice

What a day! Both Year 4 classes and the School Choir joined about 3,000 other children to sing 11 songs at the RAC Perth Arena. Congratulations to all our students involved...I was very proud of each and everyone of you.

Congratulations to Luke Ogden, Lana Winter and Luka Babich for their special roles they had at the concert. You all did an awesome job!

The Rock Frogs (Luka Babich and Kaden Griffin) performed and dazzled the audience at the evening concert.

A huge thank you to Mrs Woodall, Mrs Barry, Mrs Prince and Mrs La Galia for making the day run smooth and happy for our students.

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Science with Mrs Ewen and Mrs Roberts

This week Scitech visited our school with their Spacedome, to complement our Earth and Space theme this term. All children from Pre-Primary to year 6 visited the dome and had fun exploring the day and night skies, stars, galaxies, constellations and planets. It was very dark inside the dome and it felt like we were on a journey through space. Our budding astronauts certainly enjoyed the experience.

Kindy News

The Kindy classrooms have been busy enjoying the free play opportunities set up with our Pizza Shop in preparation for our very own pizza ordering and making incursion next week.

We have discovered the world of fractions and how to sequence and order items off a menu list. Made our very own funny number and sound pizza and learnt how we can take orders and follow sequence steps for the planning and making stages.

Last week the Kindy classes joined in the whole school Father’s Day celebrations with our own Dad invites to classroom play. We enjoyed a tinker at the wood table, taking a photo in the photo booth, giving dad a shave and eating some yummy donuts cooked by the Kindy children. Our fun evening concluded with our present sharing. We look forward to sharing our next postings in Week 9.

The Kindy Team

First Aid Education

On Thursday 12th and Friday 13th September our Years PP-6 classes will participate in the First Aid Focus Program, run by St John Ambulance. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn basic first aid skills.

Knitting Club

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FOR SALE...brand new vinyl guitar bags, full and 3/4 sizes only $10 each. Contact Sylvia Cusack in the hall or by email....

Sylvia Grigoroff-Cusack

Music Teacher


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Teacher Profiles


Where and when was the impulse or spark given to you to come into teaching/work in schools?

I did well at school and didn’t know what I wanted to do when I graduated. I loved working with friends on projects and had a real love of learning. We once attended Churchlands Primary during a school visit and did a literacy session. I loved it so much and thought I could do this forever! Working with children and seeing the joy on their faces when they succeed is priceless. The move from needing help all the time to become independent learners is gold! I then went ahead and completed my teaching degree and started working in the country for the first few years. I returned to Perth and then came back part time, as I raised my family which then led to full time work at Padbury Catholic School.

What keeps in this spark alive year later?

I love teaching because it is imaginative but structured. You can use your imagination to plan interesting activities but you know what they need to achieve to move onto the next challenge. I love that we can head outside into the warm sun to read a book and still keep to the routine of the learning for the day! The children make me laugh all the time. They have such great sense of humour! I appreciate the importance of getting to know the whole child and their background is so important in helping you know the best way to teach and support them in the classroom. Each child needs to know that they are nurtured into each phase of learning and that we are here to support them in their next steps.


Where and when was the impulse or spark given to you to come into teaching/work in schools?

I do not have very fond memories of my time at school, so l find it funny that l work in a school and love it so much. After leaving high school I worked in several admin roles before starting a family. Once my children were old enough I wanted to try something different. I enrolled in TAFE and completed the suggested career study questionnaire which highlighted the skills I had would work well in the role of a Teacher Assistant. When I graduated I was successful in finding a Teacher Assistant position at Padbury Catholic and after several years they needed someone to start working in the special needs role. I could feel a natural ease and knowing of how to work with children needing the support and went back to complete my Diploma. I have been working in this role for over 17 years and eagerly embrace the variety of support opportunities for students with various diagnosis.

What keeps this spark alive years later?

I feel privileged to work with children as I see the whole being not a child with special needs. My natural playful and purposeful traits resonant with the students in my care. I support were necessary and assist when needed. Challenges are not challenges but an opportunity to learn and bring back an understanding for all. My levels of adaptability to initiate ideas and enrichen others is reflected in my strong relationships with the students and their parents. I love my job and it is a joy to come to work each day.

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