California Gold Rush

By: Jasmin Karic

Background Information on California Gold Rush

The California Gold Rush began roughly about January 24 of 1848 and lasted till about 1855. It was the desire of people to excel economically and prosper on the advantages given. It caused a massive migration of people coming from the east to travel all the way to the west coast into California. People would leave all they had behind, including some people even leaving families behind so they can individually do better in their lives. A small amount of gold was found which then led to many people scavenging over to the state and caused the nation to completely shift its way of thinking.
The California Gold Rush

Significance of the Gold Rush

As people began to find gold, it caused a trend of mining to come and sweep the nation. It caused more and more people who worked individual could not keep up with the demands and began to work in industries which had brought in the wage labor laws to come and effect the future of America. It also caused the population growth of the west coast and caused America to be balanced in all of the areas instead of all people being just on the east coast. It also dealt with the issues of free and slave states as it admitted California as a free state while the other states that came including Nevada were up to voting on what they were.

Key People of the Gold Rush

There were many important people in the discovery and expansion of gold in the gold rush including John Sutter. He had invested in land in California and had began a work force in his land and had been an important factor in the 49'ers. James Wilson Marshall had been one of the first that have been recorded in documents that found gold in the area. He had found gold in Sutter's land and had become a large phenomenon when the people in the area found out. Days after that California had been left in the hands of America. Sam Brannan had been one of the people who had set off the frenzy because he had showed all of the people in the town the goal which had caused greed and people wanted to get more and more of it.
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California Gold Rush of 1849