MRHSO Newsletter

May 2020

Senior Farewell

Things just aren't the same. Ending the year with online correspondance is not what we anticipated for the class of 2020. Don't let the pandemic take away your voice, you are the leaders of the future!

The 2020 graduating Seniors have a very special place in my heart. They are the first freshman class I had the opportunity to work with at MRHS. I'm going to miss making music with them and know that they are all destined for great things!

Please don't be strangers, I hope to see you guys and please join the 2020-21 Alumni Orchestra on next year's Spring Concert. Good luck to all of you!! Please always feel free to reach out if there is any way I can help you on your future endeavors.

Check out the Senior Tribute below of Seniors who submitted photos. Thank you Hayoung and Officers for putting it together!

Sincerely, Mr. Katz

2020-21 School Year Info and Changes

First, we want to wish Ms. Cho the best of luck in her new position next year, we are sad to see her go and her presence will be missed!

I’m changing the name of our Sub Non Varsity B group Philharmonic to Chamber White. I’m combining both the 3rd and 4th group for Concerts and UIL, and Chamber, our Sub Non Varsity A group, will now be called Chamber Purple. Combined the group will be called Chamber. Students from 2nd and 3rd period will rehearse the same music in class and rehearse together after school.

Our award winning Varsity ensemble Sinfonia will record their first ever Texas Honor Orchestra submission in the Fall! I’m excited for the journey we will embark upon together once school starts back up!

All students in the Program will have the opportunity to attend the Renaissance Festival next Fall! They've updated their requirements and only one group from each campus can perform. Sinfonia will perform and other students in the program will cheer them on! We will also go to see a Houston Symphony Orchestra education concert next January. Pricing and other details will be available in the Fall.

Our Officer Team is going to develop instrument clubs/teams to bring students together! Students will have the opportunity to join violin, viola, cello and bass teams led by their fellow Officers. They will lead a beginning of the year Ice Cream Social and our annual BBQ at Mary Jo Peckham Park on Friday, 9/11 from 4:30-8:30pm. In addition, we have Fall, Winter, and Full Orchestra Socials to look forward to as well!

We are adding an Officer position called Wardrobe Manager and our first ever in this position is rising Junior, Skie Lopez! Skie and I will work together to make sure we collect your clean wardrobe in the Fall and to reassign you Concert wardrobe for the 2020-21 school year.

In the beginning of both the Fall and Spring semester I’ll introduce our online store! Students will have the opportunity to purchase additional MRHSO t-shirts, hoodies, polos, pajama bottoms, girl t-shirts, trucker hats, yard signs, garment bags, and much more!

Lastly, on the first day of school I’ll roll out our Spring trip to Dallas! I’m using a new company where all payments will be made online. We are planning to see a Dallas Symphony concert, go to Six Flags and perform at the Dallas Botanical Gardens from 3/26-3/28/20! The base cost for the trip will be $718 for 30 paying passengers. If we can get the total number of paying passengers to 50 the price would drop to $589! Hotel, transportation, attractions, and food is included in the cost. The company has done a great job with providing a reasonable payment schedule (and you can use a credit card with online payements directly to the company), the first $100 payment will be non-refundable and you have until February 9th, 2021 to make all payments.

Have a great summer, and please contact me with questions:

2020-21 Officer Leadership Team

Co-President: Jessica Garcia and Jennie Le

Secretary: Megan Cude

Librarians: Mayra Portillo, Jaway Siehgbeah

Historians: Elijah Clark and Sofia Flores

Wardrobe Manager: Skie Lopez

Stage Crew: Sydney Gonzalez, Larissa Perez, Nallely Ramos, Eric Rivera, Karina Salaiz, Josh Watson

MRHSO Booster Club Recognition

I want to thank these parents for going above and beyond to ensure your student's success in the Program - we had a lot of fun this year! Your Booster Club made some incredible progress for the student body and I'm looking forward to working with the 2020-21 Booster Team!

2019-2020 MRHSO Orchestra Booster Club


Gabriel Katz


Kim Cude


Lee Mamone


Patricia Stokes


Denise Lopez

VP of Fundraising

Melissa Mamone

VP of Publicity

Lynda Ayala/Jennifer Herron

VP of Events

Alicia Bouchard

We still have openings for 2020-21 Booster Club positions, if you'd like to join our Booster Club or become a Volunteer next year please email your awesomely dedicated President Ms. Kim Cude! We are hosting Junior High and High School All-Region Orchestra on 11/13-11/14 and can use your help!

MRHSO 2020-21 Ensemble Rosters

2nd Period - Chamber White

Mitchell, Colin

Mohiuddin, Hasan

Molina, Kaleb

Padilla, Ashley

Paz DeLeon, Melany

Perez, Johnathan

Perkins, Michael

Valdez, Blake

Vickers, Jero

Washington, Ava

Chavez, Ximena

3rd Period - Chamber Purple

Araniva, Ashley

Barrero, Pedro

Blanco, Joaquin

Brown, Vincent

Covarrubias, Adrian

Delozier, Jasmine

Espinoza, Vanessa

Fuentes, Yasmin

Gomez, Brenda

Himmo, Aurora

Johnson, Adrienne

Laguna, Victor

Lara Pleitez, Janelle

Lopez, Jazmine

Lopez, Samara

Martinez, Israel

Mattei, Joshua

McLean, Bryan

Mendoza, James

Ng, Zoey

Ngo, Ahn

Perkins, Daniel

Plowman, Savannah

Ramirez, Evelyn

Ramirez, Vanessa

Rodriguez Costillo, Sarah

Rueda, Miguel

Salazar, Estefania

Samayoa, Laila

Sosa, Valerie

Watson, Joshua

4th Period - Sinfonia

Anderson, Cali

Botani, Jean

Chavez, Edwin

Cude, Megan

Durwood, Rachel

Elkhadar, Wyssam

Escobar, Joseph

Garcia, Evelyn

Garcia, Jessica

Gerbacio, Rosaisela

Gonzalez, Annie

Gonzalez, Lynette

Gorman, Mya

Harrell, Joi

Isaacs, Shariyah

Juarez, Omar

Larios, Celeste

Le, Jennie

Lopez, Skie

Malikian, Alina

Mamone, Kaitlyn

McAdams, Noah

Pham, Catherine

Portillo, Mayra

Ramon, David

Rees, Maya

Rodriguez, Vivian

Salaiz, Karina

Tran, Megan

5th Period - Camerata

Baldridge, Tyler

Bouchard, Matthew

Mbengue, Binta

Chavez, Kenneth

Clark, Elijah

Escobar, Juan

Flores, Sofia

Fry, Alanis

Garcia, Jasmine

Garza, Monica

Gomez, Nicholas

Gonzalez, Sydney

Gutierrez, Diego

Guzman, Leslie

Haro, Gustavo

Hernandez, Abram

Landeros, Jose

Landry, Riley

McAdams, Aileen

Morales, Kenny

Nunez, Carys

Pena, Tiffany

Perez, Larissa

Pineda, Kathya

Ramirez, Dayanara

Ramos, Nallely

Reyes, Kristen

Rivera, Eric

Sanchez, Seles

Siehgbeah, Jaway

Stokes, Sofie

Strawder, Kailynn

Velasquez, David

Weaver, Anthony

Senior Tribute