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Happy New Year!!!

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Hello Lovely People!

I hope your holidays are continuing to go well and that you are enjoying this festive time of the year. Listed below is some information about the tournaments we've been accepted into so far for the season.
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NOVA First Chance: Jan 17th

This tournament will be held at Key Middle School 6402 Franconia Rd in Springfield, VA. There are two pools and we're in Pool A with our first match scheduled to begin at 9:30am. We only have to work one game and we have a bit of a break in the afternoon for lunch. Listed below are the teams in our pool and the proposed schedule:


4 Team Format
(1) 1 vs 2 W3 8:30 am
(2) 3 vs 4 W2 9:30 am
(3) 2 vs 4 W1 ASAP
(4) 1 vs 3 W4 ASAP
(5) 2 vs 3 W1 ASAP
(6) 1 vs 4 W2 ASAP

Capitol Hill Classic: Feb 13-15

This one is pretty fun based on my experience from last year. I don't have any pool play information on it yet, but it's a multi day tournament held in Washington DC at the Convention Center. Last year we ended up taking the Metro there, from the hotel. This year the options also include Metro by walking to Braddick Rd station or after taking the shuttle to the airport, driving there from the hotel to the convention center, or taking a taxi to the convention center. All options are said to take about 20-40 minutes.

East Coast Power: Feb 20th

I don't have any pool play information on this tournament yet, but It's a one day event and is scheduled to be held at Competitive Sports Edge in King of Prussia at 320 S Henderson Rd. Google Maps has some interesting pictures of the place if you're the landmark type, and the facility looks like it may sit back off the road. Scroll around in the picture from the link to get a better view.

NVPL: Feb 28th

I also don't have any pool play information on this event yet either, but it is located at the Virgina Volleyball Center 45685 Oakbrook Ct, Suite 140 in Sterling, VA. More details will follow as we get closer to the event date.

MAPL-York: April 23-24

Another exciting multi-day event that I'm really looking forward to! This multi-day tournament will be held at UTZ Arena and Memorial Hall West 334 Carlisle Ave in York PA. This event has its own website you can visit to get more details than I can give you in this email. Click here to get more information. Last year they had 120 teams attend, and typical level of play at these events is very exciting.
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Scoring/Reffing Certification

We don't want to be that guy in the picture, so I would like for all the players on our team to get certified for reffing and score keeping. This way two or three girls don't get stuck reffing for the entire season and we also increase our volleyball IQ. The cost is a one time fee of $10 for both reffing and scoring. More information can be found on the CHRVA website. After you login to your account, click on the left-side drop down menu where it says "Regional Ref/Scoring Clinics" and proceed from there. Please try to have this done by our first tournament.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns. We go back to school next week, so I'll be all over my email again. If you need to reach me before then, I don't mind a call or a text. Have fun!