Boone Braves Girls Lacrosse

Updates and Information

2017-2018 Lacrosse Season

You can find updates, links, information in regards to Boone High School Girls Lacrosse. We will try to keep this updated throughout the year to make sure parents and players have a place to find information at all times.


Video is a good start to stick work for summer. More experienced players should add more movement and really hone in on their non-dominant hands.

Summer Lacrosse 2017


Fort Gatlin Orange County Park

2009 Lake Margaret Drive

Orlando, FL 32806

All the way in the back

*Parking is limited so please carpool or get dropped off


July 24th to August 19th

Monday and Wednesdays

6-7:30 pm

Saturday Scrimmages: 10-11:30 am

*if enough players show up*

What to Bring:

Stick, Goggles, mouthguard, pinny (if you have one), lots of water, and sunscreen (optional: bug spray)

Girl's Lacrosse Rules

Helmets for 2017-2018 Season

Next season, the state of Florida has chosen to mandate girls versions of helmets. The helmets are in the link below. There are currently only two manufacturers that are making the legal helmets (Hummingbird and Cascade).

Fall Ball does NOT fall under the rule requiring the helmets because it is NOT a Florida High School associated event.

If you are interested in purchasing your own helmet, we are able to get them in bulk for $40 cheaper than what you would purchase. Please email to let us know you want to order your own helmet.

We will be wearing these in season.