Monday Message

Week of November 13th - November 17th

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Here is a look at our busy week ahead:

Monday, November 13th:

College & Career Awareness Week begins today with "My School Monday" - wear an OSE shirt (with jeans if you'd like).

8:30 LEAD Observation (Traci)

8:30 LEAD Observation (Kelly)

10:15 ARD (Kelly)

11:05 ARD (Kelly)

2:10 ARD (Kelly)

Tuesday, November 14th:

"Heading to High School" - Wear FMHS spirit shirt (with jeans if you'd like).

Muffins for Mom - 7:00

9:15 LEAD Observation (Traci)

10:20 LEAD Observation (Kelly)

10:30 504 Meeting (Traci)

11:15 504 Meeting (Traci)

11:30 LEAD Observation (Kelly)

11:55 LEAD Observation (Traci)

12:30 504 Meeting (Traci)

3:20 Trendy Tuesday - Library

Wednesday, November 15th:

"College Wear Wednesday" - Wear your favorite college shirt (with jeans if you'd like).

8:35 PLC - 4th Grade

9:00 LEAD Observation (Kelly)

9:30 LEAD Observation (Traci)

10:15 ARD (Kelly)

11:45 LEAD Observation (Traci)

12:50 LEAD Observation (Kelly)

Thursday, November 16th:

"Dress for Success Thursday" - Dress for a job interview.

Grandparent's Turkey Luncheon during all lunches.

8:00 LEAD Observation (Traci)

8:30 LEAD Observation (Kelly)

8:35 PLC- 5th Grade

9:25 LEAD Observation (Kelly)

9:30 Rescheduled 3rd grade PLC

10:15 ARD (Kelly)

1:15 ARD (Kelly)

5:30 - 7:30 Evening with the STARS!!

Friday, November 17th:

PTA is providing a luncheon for staff today - enjoy!

Please leave and start your Thanksgiving break as soon as your kiddos have connected with their rides home - Happy Thanksgiving!

A Peek At Last Week

That's all I have - Let me know if I have left anything out and I will add it. Have an amazing week!