Falcons are Cool!

By Chase b.


Are you ready to learn about falcons? Here's a fun fact real fast.

Falcons are the worlds fastest flyers. There are 35 species.


Falcons live in forests,deserts,grasslands and even cites. They build nets high on tall buildings and rocky cliffs.


Falcons are rapters. They kill other birds for food.They are birds of prey.

Size and weight

Falcons are 6 to 24 in long.They weigh up to 20 pounds.They are the size of a crow.

Training Falcons

Back in the day people trained falcons.To train falcons you have to now how to work with them. it is illegal to train them now because their almost exstinced.

Fun Facts

Did you know there are a lot of birds like them.

Did you know there surprisingly easy to train.

Did you know there almost extinct.There are like 40 left.