Ms. Lowe's Newsletter

January 10th

Upcoming Events

Jan. 10- Report Cards Sent Home

Jan. 14- All Pro Dads (7am LMC)

Jan. 14-17- Performance Series Testing

Jan. 24—Exchange City

PTA Family Fun Night

Feb. 11 & 13—Student-Led Conferences


We reviewed multiplying a whole number by a fraction. We also used models to understand multiplication of a fraction by a fraction.


Students analyzed their 2nd Quarter pre– and post-tests on context clues / point of view. In analyzing, they identified areas of success as well as areas for improvement and developed goals to work towards during 3rd Quarter.

Social Studies

Students are learning about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.


We started our introduction to the wonderful world of poetry this week. The students choose a poem for our poem analysis project we will work on next week.

Next Week's Calendar

Monday, Jan. 13—(Day 1: Art)

Tuesday, Jan. 14—(Day 2: LMC)

Wednesday, Jan. 15—(Day 3: Music)

Thursday, Jan. 16—(Day 4: PE)

Friday, Jan. 17—(Day 1: Art)