Plant Project

By: Ryan Lombardo

Name of the plant

Common name- real grass

Scientific name- Aster palustris

Plant in Common

Common name- Purple stem aster

Scientific name- Aster puniceus

Both plants live in the same environment and are almost the same in all attributes except the adaptations of real grass.

Enviroment and Location

My plant lives is a swampy marsh like area. There are many other plants and animals so the plant must compete for space. It lives in a low altitude so it can easily get carbon dioxide to breathe.

Reproductive Method

My plant reproduces sexually by pollination from different types of insects. The plant sperm fertilizes the eggs and then they are ready to be dispersed.

Seed Dispersal Method

The plants petals aim down to the ground which could look like the plant is wilting. Once in place the plant explodes and shoots the petals into the ground, and once the petals are in the ground the seeds fall out the petal into the ground.

Plant Adaptations

On the stem of the plant there are tubes that suck up the swamp water and filter it for clean water that the plant uses. The seed dispersal is much safer because when the petals shoot into the ground they drop the seed and are used as protection. Lastly once the plant is ready to reproduce the plants seeds are planted and the plant explodes to not take up space where another plant could be planted.
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