Outer Space Week!

Big Blue Summer Camp Week 8

Staff Highlight- Will DiGrande - Camp Counselor

When campers think of their favorite reliable and friendly counselor, they can always count on Will DiGrande to meet them with a smile. As an incoming freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, Will is planning to study international relations. President of his class at Pingry, and honorable Quizball captain, Will has always had a passion for learning and meeting new people. As a second year camp counselor at Pingry, Will says, “I love watching all the kids grow and attending new and exciting activities with them each day.”

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C- Curiosity - Planetarium

On Monday, we kick started our outer space theme this week, with a giant inflatable planetarium in the BAC, where campers got the chance to experience an immersive and educational tour of our solar system! Cosmic IQ not only provided us with their mobile planetarium theatre to enjoy, but also shared their extensive knowledge of all things extraterrestrial, and campers were able to embrace their curiosity. Campers watched a short film about three animated flies who accidentally make it to space, and then get a tour of the universe, stopping by each of the planets.

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O - Openness - Yoga with Ms. Eileen

With all the talk of space ships and the world beyond Earth this week, our campers needed to find time to ground themselves, and that they did! Upstairs in Pingry’s Art Wing dance studio, ‘mini’s leader’, Ms. Eileen, led campers in a relaxing and calming yoga session. Campers practiced their tree poses and brushed up on their balancing skills, all while learning new breathing techniques. Both counselors and campers did a great job at letting their vulnerability show and pushing themselves in yoga this week.

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D- Dedication - L.I.Ts Join C.I.Ts to Help Sports

What better way to test Big Blue Summer’s ‘Leaders in Training,’ then putting them to work? As our oldest campers, the L.I.T.s have a big responsibility to be a good example for everyone, and this week they have really stepped up to the plate... literally! Our L.I.T.s helped out, assisting sports manager Jackie in the gym, running athletic games with her and getting our campers up and active through their encouragement and dedication. The L.I.T.s have definitely proved themselves to have impressive potential to be future BBS counselors.

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E- Enthusiasm - Rocketry

This week, the campers had a blast racing mini styrofoam rockets, that really took flight as they bounced off the walls in Hyde and Watson. Counselor Mike led the campers in a rocket shooting activity where the objective was to allow air to travel through their hoses to the tail of the rocket in order to launch them. Campers tried different tactics and were excited to work together to see which team could get their rocket both the farthest and highest distance.

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